LONDON — Britain has been a hot mess. Now, it’s also a wet one.

Water poured through the roof of the House of Commons during a taxation debate Thursday, forcing lawmakers to evacuate the chamber.

“The sitting is now suspended. And no photographs, please,” exclaimed the deputy speaker, Lindsay Hoyle, as lawmakers exited, dodging the drops falling from overhead. Of course, many observers perceived the “drips in Parliament” as a sign amid months of political chaos.

The Commons Press Office said the leak was “urgently dealt with” and that damage to the chamber was being assessed. They also clarified that the water did not come from a sewage leak. Phew.

“This is how Brexit ends,” an observer remarked, according to political reporter Adam Payne. The leak follows what has been another tumultuous week in British politics. In recent days, Parliament has witnessed semi-naked protesters, a tied vote and Brexit bickering. In a bold — and some would say risky — move, Prime Minister Theresa May has been meeting with the opposition leader, Labour’s Jeremy Corbyn, to come up with a resolution to the Brexit debacle.

On social media, the metaphors… well, they wrote themselves.

"Ordure, ordure!” wrote one user, riffing off Speaker John Bercow’s most frequently used (and often entertaining), phrase “Order!” The speaker is referred to by some in Britain as a national treasure and, thanks to Brexit, has found international fame. There’s even a remix of him yelling “order” on YouTube that has racked up more than 300,000 views.

“Latest in Parliament literally falling apart news: Water is POURING through the ceiling of the House of Commons Press Gallery cafe,” tweeted the Mirror’s political editor, Dan Bloom.