Phil Collins, with his band Genesis, once performed a song called “Jesus He Knows Me.” He may have been onto something.

A sculpture of baby Jesus erected inside a Mexican church apparently looks a lot like the now-68-year-old British musician.

With its tufts of brown hair and similar facial features, the 20-foot-tall statue has garnered international attention for its “uncanny” resemblance to Collins, although many others on social media have argued that the 2,000-pound creation looks more like American actor Nicolas Cage.

“I don’t know if something’s in the air tonight, but this Baby Jesus looks a lot like Phil Collins,” wrote one user.

“Church in Mexico builds huge baby Jesus statue — that looks like Brit singer Phil Collins. Uncanny,” wrote another.

“Nicolas Cage or Baby Jesus,” pondered one of many users drawing parallels between the two.

According to the New York Post, the statue was created by artist Roman Salvador in the city of Chimalhuacán before it traveled 12 hours to its new home in the La Epifania del Senor church in Zacatecas.

Explaining how the baby Jesus-Collins-Cage statue came to be, the Rev. Humberto Rodriguez told Central European News that his intention was to put up a holy sculpture that would “fit the church.” But in trying to fill the space inside their place of worship, the controversial sculpture could now actually be the largest baby Jesus statue in the world.

“There is a space of 26 feet between the ceiling and the floor and I ordered a statue measuring 21 feet, but I never intended to make it the biggest baby Jesus statue in the world,” he said, adding that he had reached out to Guinness World Records to find out if the new creation would win the crown.

A baby Jesus statue in Mexico is said to be the biggest in the world. Online it sparked a fierce debate: does it resemble Nicolas Cage or Phil Collins? (Reuters)

Video shared on social media that is believed to have been taken from inside the church shows the hefty statue lying on the floor facing upward with its hands outstretched. Birds can be heard singing in the background as the man standing next to the statue appears to be painting its dark brown hair.

The statue controversy is just another example of a finished design that hasn’t quite resembled its muse.

In 2014, a 10-foot statue of Cristiano Ronaldo was unveiled in his hometown of Madeira. While the star said he felt “honored” by the creation, many commentators pointed out that the replica’s tight-fitting shorts seemed to divert attention to, er, a certain area.

Years later, Portugal tried once again to honor their footballing hero, this time with a bronze bust of the star at Madeira International Airport. The unveiling of the statue, with its beady eyes and awkward smile, sent the Internet into a meltdown, with many struggling to see any resemblance at all.

Despite the backlash, sculptor Emanuel Santos defended his creation, but one year later he accepted a challenge from Bleacher Report to have another shot at sculpting the star.

Guinness World Records could not immediately be reached for comment.