From the United States to Europe, the deadly coronavirus outbreak is forcing a growing number of people around the world to self-isolate, leading not only to widespread anxiety but some positive vibes, too.

In a video shared to Instagram on Saturday, dozens of people in Seville, Spain, can be seen squatting and doing star-jumps on their balconies as a man wearing sportswear and sunglasses motivates them from a platform below. The fitness instructor, who goes by the name of Gonzalo, can be seen lunging as he encourages those around him to exercise.

The trainer was widely praised on social media for his refreshing approach to working out and his ability to bring those in the complex together — despite the restrictions keeping them apart.

Over the weekend, residents in Madrid and Granada came together to show their support for the emergency services. Some clapped from their windows in unison, while others stood on their balconies and let out cheers of appreciation. On Monday, Spain’s death toll rose to 309.

People in Granada and Madrid, as well as other Spanish cities, broke out in applause the night of March 14 to show their appreciation for health-care workers. (Sarah Cowie, Sam Llewellyn Smith via Storyful)

In Italy, opera singer Maurizio Marchini took to his balcony to sing, his voice filling Florence’s empty streets with life once again as he gave his own rendition of Giacomo Puccini’s famous aria “Nessun Dorma.” His performance has since been viewed more than 4 million times on Twitter and shared thousands of times on Facebook.

Song also filled the streets in Turin as others took to their balconies to play instruments and sing. One resident described the moment as a “free concert” and shared footage of it to Twitter.

There were of course, more upbeat performances — including one from a DJ in the city of Palermo who took to his balcony with his equipment to keep the positive energy flowing. Cheers and whistles rang out into the night as the unidentified man bellowed into a microphone and waved his hands in the air.

Other videos shared to Twitter show that another DJ also got the memo, playing music late into the night as bright lights flash behind him.

On Monday, other Italians came together to form a flash mob, shining lights out of their windows and balconies while other residents cheered around them.

Residents across Italy took part in a 'Light up Italy' flash mob on March 15 by turning their smartphone lights on and waving them from their windows. (Reuters)