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Governors team up to decide when to lift coronavirus restrictions; Trump says he won’t fire Fauci

Speaking at a coronavirus task force briefing on April 13, President Trump defended his record and denied he was considering firing Dr Anthony S. Fauci. (Video: The Washington Post)
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Governors across six states in the Northeast, from Rhode Island to Delaware, convened in a public conference call Monday afternoon to discuss a cooperative effort to reopen the region’s economy once the threat from the coronavirus has sufficiently subsided. The governors of California, Oregon and Washington announced a similar initiative.

Pressed on the question of when to reopen the U.S. economy, Trump claimed he has the final word on the issue — even though the decision is actually up to the states. “When somebody is the president of the United States, the authority is total,” Trump said, incorrectly, when asked what power he believes he has as president to restart the economy.

Here are some significant developments:

  • The Trump administration informed Congress that it wants to delay all U.S. census field operations by about three months because of the coronavirus pandemic and is pursuing further delays that could upend redistricting.
  • China reported its highest number of new coronavirus cases since early March, most of them involving people returning from other countries. The uptick heightened fears of a second wave and led to new constraints on travel.
  • Trump dismissed concerns that he was going to fire Anthony S. Fauci, a leader on the White House task force, after he retweeted a message Sunday night that included the hashtag “FireFauci."
  • A sailor assigned to the coronavirus-stricken USS Theodore Roosevelt has died of covid-19 complications, the Navy said.
  • The CIA privately advised its workforce that taking hydroxycholoroquine, a drug that President Trump has been championing as a promising treatment for coronavirus, has potentially dangerous side effects, including sudden death.
  • France’s national coronavirus lockdown will continue until May 11, President Emmanuel Macron announced. After that point, restrictions will only be partially released.

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