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The best memes about the big, stuck ship

Efforts to move the container ship stuck in the Suez Canal resumed March 25, but specialists working to free the Ever Given say it could be there for weeks. (Video: Reuters)
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After nearly a week, the big ship stuck in the Suez Canal is free. The world is very worried about the economic fallout. The Internet is very amused.

In the days since the Ever Given wedged herself into a relatably awkward repose, blocking hundreds of other ships in the process, people have come to identify with the very large vessel.

Yes, she is a 1,312-foot-long, ambling Brontosaurus of a boat, a 52-foot-deep behemoth, a beast lugging hundreds of thousands of tons of merchandise. But she is also us.

The extremely large, stuck ship was all of us just trying to get through another day.

Internet to gigantic cargo ship stuck sideways in the Suez Canal: You are a mood

As she sat there, very big and completely immobile, she reminded us of all the times we thought about maybe mustering a small amount of effort but decided, instead, to not.

The enormous, unmoving boat was also everyone who has ever tried to park.

And anyone who had ever mulled the mysteries of the human resources department.

Fans of the fantastically large, very firmly grounded containership came up with some ingenious plans to free her.

Or to fly her away to the world she deserved.

The Suez Canal, a chokepoint of history

Some people placed bets on when the gargantuan craft would be “declared unstuck.”

On Monday, she was finally freed. But some social media users, sad to say farewell to their favorite meme, said they wished she’d be put back.

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