Who leads Afghanistan’s new government? Here’s what we know about the Taliban’s top officials.

Mohammad Hassan Akhund, right, in 1999. He has been named acting prime minister of the Taliban's new government. (Saeed Khan/AFP/Getty Images)
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Afghanistan’s new caretaker government, announced Tuesday, is made up entirely of hard-line Taliban members. Many of them are known for their closeness to the movement’s late founder — the one-eyed cleric Mohammad Omar — which could complicate efforts to restart the economy and restore relations with the international community.

The acting cabinet — the Taliban said it would name permanent leadership soon — also includes members of the powerful Haqqani militant network, responsible for many deadly attacks and kidnappings over the past two decades. Several senior members of the new government had been detained at Guantánamo Bay and were released in a prisoner swap for Bowe Bergdahl in 2014.

But there is no space for officials who had played senior roles in Afghanistan’s Western-backed government, such as former president Hamid Karzai and former national reconciliation leader Abdullah Abdullah.

The United States, which controls billions of dollars of the country’s frozen reserves, had pushed for an inclusive administration consisting of officials who are not members of the Taliban. Here’s what to know about the new government.