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France’s Macron pelted with an egg during visit to Lyon

French President Emmanuel Macron was hit with an egg thrown at him from the crowd while he was visiting Lyon on Sept. 27 for a trade fair. (Video: Reuters)

Emmanuel Macron was near his nation’s gastronomic capital Lyon on Monday for a trade fair when he got all-too-physical evidence of the city’s robust produce.

The French president was strolling through the trade fair at Eurexpo, a convention center in the town of Chassieu just south of Lyon, when an object was thrown and bounced off his head.

According to local publication Lyon Mag, the projectile appeared to be an egg. Though the object did not crack upon hitting Macron’s head, photographs from the scene show a broken egg on the floor afterward.

Macron’s security detail can be seen overpowering a young man making a protest gesture and shouting “vive la révolution,” Lyon Mag reported. Macron asked his team to interview the man, who is described as 20 years-old.

“If he has something to say to me, let him come,” Macron said, according to Agence France-Presse.

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It is the second time in four months that Macron has been assaulted while on an official visit. In early June, the French president was slapped while meeting with hospitality workers in the Drôme region in southeast France.

In that case, the man could be heard shouting, “Montjoie Saint Denis,” a royalist battle cry, and “Down with Macronism,” before the security detail rushed in. A French court later sentenced the 28-year-old man to a prison term of 18 months, 14 of which were suspended.

On Monday, Macron had been meeting restaurant professionals at the trade fair, known as the International Catering, Hotel and Food Show (SIRHA).

Local media reported that the French president was largely greeted warmly by industry representatives, who thanked him for providing state aid to hospitality businesses during the pandemic.

Macron has struggled with low approval ratings at points during his presidency, though his ratings improved to 40 percent at the start of September with some analysts citing his handling of covid-19 as one factor. The French president is expected to announce he intends to run in next year’s election after the new year.

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