Military trainers, missiles and over 200,000 pounds of lethal aid: What NATO members have sent Ukraine so far

Ukrainian troops with rocket launchers during a recent tactical exercise. (Handout/Via Reuters)
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Ukraine is counting on the support of the United States and other Western nations to ward off a potential renewed invasion by Russia, which has massed some 100,000 troops near the former Soviet republic’s border. Moscow also recently moved forces into Belarus, Ukraine’s Kremlin-aligned neighbor, in what the Russians are portraying — to widespread Western skepticism — as a regular exercise.

Kyiv is not a NATO member and does not benefit from the organization’s mutual defense pact, but it has received significant assistance in bolstering its defensive capabilities since Russia annexed its Crimea region in 2014.

U.S. and European officials also have been engaged in diplomatic efforts to defuse tensions with Moscow, although there is an impasse over Russia’s demand that Ukraine and other former Soviet states be barred from joining the Western military alliance.

As the troop buildup continues, here’s what President Biden and other Western leaders have placed on the line.