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Western leaders pledge more military support as Russian troops reposition in east

French forensic experts joined Ukrainian investigators examining civilians' bodies in Bucha as Russian President Putin called the deaths “fake” on April 12. (Video: Reuters)
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The United States and the European Union on Wednesday both pledged additional military equipment for Ukraine as that nation braces for a Russian offensive attack in the east that could be more challenging than earlier battles near Kyiv.

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President Biden said he told Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky that he is authorizing $800 million more in security assistance, including weapons and ammunition. Earlier Wednesday, the European Council said it agreed to 500 million euros ($544 million) in additional support for Ukrainian forces.

The fresh vows for support come as world leaders reacted to Biden’s comment that Russia is carrying out a “genocide” in Ukraine — with French President Emmanuel Macron warning against “an escalation of rhetoric” and a Kremlin spokesman calling it “unacceptable.”

Here’s what to know

  • Biden’s off-the-cuff ‘genocide’ comment marked the latest example of the tension between his often-emotional response to Putin’s brutal war and the international implications of a president’s words.
  • Russia acknowledged that a key missile cruiser in its Black Sea Fleet had suffered significant damage as Ukrainian authorities claimed credit for immobilizing the ship.
  • Finland will launch an immediate debate on joining NATO, as the country reconsiders its longtime stance outside the Western military alliance following Russia’s invasion of Ukraine.
  • International Criminal Court Prosecutor Karim Khan called Ukraine a “crime scene” during a visit to Bucha.
  • The risk is growing that the conflict in Ukraine will tip a fragile global economy into a slump.
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