How the next U.K. prime minister will be chosen

Rishi Sunak and Liz Truss take part in a BBC leadership debate in Hanley, England, on July 25. (Jacob King/WPA Pool/Getty Images)

Upheaval in Britain has the world asking questions about political intricacies and oddities that are typically of interest only inside the bubble of Westminster.

British actor Hugh Grant was among those trying to explain. “Dear World, You may be wondering what happens next in terms of the British constitution,” he tweeted. “The answer is that 3 newspaper owners — all of whom are non domiciled in the UK for tax purposes — get together and choose our next Prime Minister or “Poodle”. The Queen then anoints them.”

Boris Johnson blames ‘the herd,’ resigns to make way for new U.K. leader

Grant — not a fan of the British tabloids — was referring to the power and influence of the pro-Conservative Party press. Though his account was intentionally exaggerated, it’s true that a select few are involved in choosing Britain’s next prime minister. How will the successor to Boris Johnson be determined? Here’s what to know.