A timeline of recent escalating violence between Israelis and Palestinians

Mourners carry the body of Palestinian teen Hamza al-Ashqar, who was killed in clashes during an Israeli military raid in Nablus in the occupied West Bank, during his funeral on Feb. 7. (Raneen Sawafta/Reuters)

In the occupied West Bank, daily Israeli incursions have become the norm, some leading to deadly gun battles.

One-hundred and forty-six Palestinians were killed in the West Bank in 2022, the deadliest year since the United Nations began recording fatalities in 2005. This year is on track to be even more deadly, with at least 60 Palestinians killed in less than two months — as Israel’s new far-right government, which came into power in January, has intensified operations against Palestinian militants. As the raids have increased, so have Palestinian attacks on Israelis, which have killed at least 11 people over the same period.

Jan. 26

Israeli forces conducted a raid on a refugee camp in the West Bank city of Jenin that left 10 dead, including an unarmed 61-year-old woman.

Nineteen others were wounded in the hours-long gun battle.

Jan. 27-28

One day later, a Palestinian gunman opened fire outside an East Jerusalem synagogue, killing at least seven people after Friday night prayers. The shooter was killed at the scene.

Mushir al-Masri, a politician with Hamas, the Islamist militant group that rules Gaza, hailed the shooting as a “quick response to the Jenin massacre” and “evidence of the vitality and readiness of the resistance.”

The next day, a 13-year-old Palestinian shot and injured two Israelis in Ma’alot Ir David, an Israeli settlement in East Jerusalem.

Feb. 6

Just over one week later, Israeli forces raided Jericho, killing five Palestinian men, two of whom the army said were caught planning an attack on Jewish-run restaurants. Protests broke out in the usually peaceful town known for its farmland and Christian pilgrimage sites.

Feb. 7

An Israeli raid in Nablus killed a 17-year-old Palestinian. The army said the boy had fired on Israeli forces.

Feb. 10

A Palestinian driver rammed a car into a crowd waiting at a Jerusalem bus stop, killing three, including two young children.

Feb. 13

A shootout in Nablus left a Palestinian man dead. In East Jerusalem, an Israeli police officer was accosted by a knife-wielding Palestinian. A security guard opened fire to try to stop the Palestinian man but instead shot the stabbed officer, who later died of his wounds, police said.

Feb. 14

During a raid on a refugee camp near the city of Tubas, Israeli forces shot and killed a Palestinian teenager.

Feb. 22

A massive raid in Nablus on Feb. 22 left at least 11 Palestinians dead and more than 100 wounded, matching the death toll in Jenin. Two Israeli soldiers were also injured, according to the Israel Defense Forces.

Feb. 26

As Israeli and Palestinian leaders were meeting in Jordan, a Palestinian man opened fire at a traffic junction in the West Bank town of Huwara, killing two brothers.

Hours later, dozens of Israeli settlers rampaged through Palestinian towns, lighting cars and homes on fire and killing one man.

The next day, hundreds more Israeli troops were sent to the West Bank.

March 6

Israeli settlers in hoods carrying rocks and an ax attacked a Palestinian family of five in Huwara late at night. One person was hospitalized.

Israeli settlers in the West Bank town of Huwara attacked a Palestinian family outside a supermarket on March 6, one week after a violent rampage. (Video: Reuters)

March 7

At least six Palestinians were killed in an Israeli military raid in Jenin.

The Israeli military said that one of the men killed was believed to have fatally shot two Israeli brothers at a traffic junction on Feb. 26.

March 9

An Israeli raid in the West Bank village of Jaba left three Palestinian militants dead, according to security forces. Hours later, a Palestinian man opened fire in Tel Aviv, wounding three people before he was killed on the scene.

Miriam Berger, Shira Rubin, William Booth, Fatima Abdul Karim, Sufian Taha and Loveday Morris contributed to this report.