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Earthquake-battered parts of Turkey hit by severe flooding

Torrential rains on March 15 triggered flash flooding in southeastern Turkey in areas already damaged from a pair of earthquakes on Feb. 6. (Video: IHA)
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Already ravaged by last month’s earthquakes and their ripple effects, parts of southeastern Turkey were overrun this month by heavy rains that triggered flash floods.

Piles of debris, cars, and in some cases, people, were carried away by fast-racing floodwaters, after heavy rains last week. At least 14 people have been killed and some remain missing, the country’s disaster management authority said, in racing floods that began March 15.

Dramatic footage showed residents rushing into the water to rescue those stranded, dangling ropes and twisted sheets from windows to grab them. Search and rescue efforts for five missing people continued into the weekend.

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Men work to pull a person out of fast-moving water on March 15 after heavy rains flooded southeastern Turkey. (Video: IHA)

The Turkish provinces of Sanliurfa and Adiyaman, home to some 2.7 million people, were among the areas hit last month by powerful earthquakes that killed more than 48,000 people in Turkey. More than 200,000 buildings in the country either collapsed or were severely damaged.

Millions of people left homeless from the earthquakes were staying in tents, cars and container houses when the flooding began.

Evacuations from displaced camps took place, and patients were also evacuated from an intensive care unit of a hospital in Sanliurfa, HaberTurk reported, but those efforts became difficult as part of a highway in the region collapsed.

A section of road in southeastern Turkey crumbled into rushing water on March 15 as floodwater raced through the region. (Video: IHA)

Among the dead are five Syrian nationals whose bodies were found inside a flooded basement. Two others died inside a van that was trapped at an underpass.

In one case, a container house with three earthquake victims drifted away with the floods. A search was continuing for the individuals, the province’s governor told CNN Turk.

On March 15, rescuers in southeastern Turkey attempt to recover missing people at a roadway underpass. (Video: IHA)