Netanyahu fires defense minister who called for halt to judicial overhaul

Defense Minister Yoav Gallant publicly said on Saturday night that plans to overhaul Israel's judiciary were a threat to the country's security.

By Steve Hendrix and Shira RubinMarch 26, 2023

West warns Putin against ‘dangerous’ nuclear rhetoric but downplays threat

U.S. and NATO officials said there was no indication Russia changed its nuclear posture after President Vladimir Putin said he planned to store tactical nuclear weapons in Belarus.

By Francesca EbelMarch 26, 2023

Ukraine live briefing: NATO slams Russia’s nuclear rhetoric; E.U. threatens Belarus with sanctions

Russian President Vladimir Putin said Moscow planned to store tactical nuclear weapons in Belarus, which shares a border with Ukraine.

By Bryan Pietsch, Jennifer Hassan and Sammy WestfallMarch 26, 2023

Tunisia says dozens killed as three ships sink in Mediterranean

The Tunisian Coast Guard said Sunday that 29 people were dead after three boats crossing the Mediterranean Sea to Italy capsized along the Tunisian coast.

By Miriam BergerMarch 26, 2023

Police using ‘excessive force’ at France protests, rights groups say

Police are under fire for their heavy-handed response to protests against plans to raise France's retirement age.

By Claire Parker and Ellen FrancisMarch 26, 2023

Netanyahu’s political touch eludes him as Israel spirals into chaos

Little about his government’s sudden push to remake the courts, or its response to the international backlash, bears the hallmark of a Netanyahu production.

By Steve HendrixMarch 26, 2023

Monarch butterflies lose sanctuary in Mexico as climate changes

The population of endangered monarch butterflies wintering in Mexico's Michoacan dropped by 22% in just one year.

By Naomi SchanenMarch 26, 2023

Taiwan breaks ties with Honduras after it formalizes relations with Beijing

China has mounted a global pressure campaign to poach the remaining countries that recognize Taiwan.

By Meaghan TobinMarch 26, 2023

Kyiv doctor killed in Russian airstrike shows war’s fallout far from front

Oksana Leontieva, a pediatric hematologist and single mother, was driving to work when a Russian airstrike hit the center of the Ukrainian capital.

By Missy Ryan, Kostiantyn Khudov and Alice MartinsMarch 26, 2023

Israeli defense minister calls on Netanyahu to halt overhaul of courts

Israel’s defense minister, a senior ally of Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, called for a freeze on the government’s attempt to remake the judicial system.

By Steve HendrixMarch 25, 2023

Ukraine live briefing: Kremlin boosting tank production, Putin says; Kyiv frustrated by U.N. human rights report

Russia plans to build or upgrade 1,600 tanks in the next three years, President Vladimir Putin said Saturday.

By Andrew Jeong, Adela Suliman, Francesca Ebel, Kyle Rempfer and Missy RyanMarch 25, 2023

Bolsonaro’s return poses risks for the former president — and Brazil

The deeply divided country braces for the homecoming of its most polarizing figure.

By Terrence McCoy and Marina DiasMarch 25, 2023

How to flee house arrest in Russia: Escapees tell their secrets

Keep the ankle bracelet on. Leave late on Friday when police response times are slow. Wear a disguise. Switch cars often. And don't take a suitcase through muddy fields.

By Robyn Dixon, Natalia Abbakumova and Francesca EbelMarch 25, 2023

Biden warns Iran after U.S. forces clash with proxy groups in Syria

President Biden said that while the U.S. wants to avoid a wider confrontation with Iran, indiscriminate attacks on U.S. troops would not go unpunished.

By Dan Lamothe and Missy RyanMarch 24, 2023

Rwanda frees Paul Rusesabagina, inspiration for ‘Hotel Rwanda,’ U.S. says

Rwanda releases Paul Rusesabagina, a former hotel manager portrayed as a hero in a Hollywood film about the 1994 genocide, after he was sentenced to 25 years in prison on terrorism charges in 2021.

By Katharine Houreld and John HudsonMarch 24, 2023

King Charles III postpones first overseas visit as pension protests rock France

Protests over Macron's pledge to raise the retirement age in France upended plans to host King Charles III for the first state visit of his reign.

By Ellen Francis and Claire ParkerMarch 24, 2023

Putin, charged with war crimes, must limit travel to avoid arrest

The 123 countries that belong to the International Criminal Court are legally obligated to arrest the Russian leader but some nations have flouted the court's orders in the past.

By Francesca Ebel, Robyn Dixon and Lauren TierneyMarch 24, 2023

Biden and Trudeau reaffirm their alliance

Biden makes his first visit to Canada as president at a time of growing international tensions.

By Matt Viser and Amanda ColettaMarch 24, 2023

Ukraine live briefing: U.N. report details killing of POWs; European allies promise more artillery

European Union leaders pledged to jointly deliver 1 million artillery rounds to Kyiv over the next year, as President Volodymyr Zelensky visited Kherson.

By Niha Masih, Adela Suliman and Adam TaylorMarch 24, 2023

India’s top opposition leader Gandhi expelled from Parliament after conviction

The defamation conviction of Rahul Gandhi, which supporters say is politically motivated, also means he cannot run for any elections for the next six years.

By Anant Gupta and Gerry ShihMarch 24, 2023