(César Rojas Ángel)
(César Rojas Ángel)

Colombia is responsible in kidnapping and rape of female journalist, rights court says

In May 2000, Colombian journalist Jineth Bedoya was kidnapped, beaten and gang-raped while reporting on paramilitaries during the country's armed conflict.

U.S. in contact with Haitian officials in effort to free kidnapped American missionaries

Local unions and other groups launched a general strike on Monday to protest the worsening instability and gang violence racking the poverty-stricken nation.

Myanmar’s military junta releases thousands of political prisoners

The move has been cast by some analysts as a gesture to placate Southeast Asian neighbors at a strategic and necessary moment.

U.N. to launch a polio vaccination campaign in Afghanistan with Taliban permission

The campaign, which will begin next month, will be the first to reach all children in Afghanistan in more than three years, UNICEF said.

Russia shutters its mission to NATO in retaliation for expulsion of its diplomats

Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov said Monday that Russia is also suspending the operations of NATO’s information office and its liaison in Moscow.

Atlantic hurricane season has gone to sleep. Will it awaken?

The season could end early — but it’s far from a guarantee.

Who is 400 Mawozo, the Haitian gang accused of kidnapping American missionaries?

For Haitians rich and poor, gang violence and kidnappings for ransom have become a tragically common facet of life.

Prince William and Kate recycle outfits to highlight climate impact of fashion

British tabloids said the prince was “channeling James Bond” with his green velvet jacket at the Earthshot awards.

Colin L. Powell, former secretary of state and military leader, dies at 84

The Army general helped guide the U.S. military to victory in the 1991 Persian Gulf War as chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff. He struggled a decade later over the U.S. invasion of Iraq as a beleaguered secretary of state under President George W. Bush.
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Deadly floods, landslides bring south India monsoon death toll to 35, authorities say

After days of heavy rain, one local resident told a Kerala news channel, "the house has gone. Children have gone."

Spanish prime minister vows to abolish prostitution, saying it ‘enslaves’ women

Prostitution has boomed in Spain since the practice was decriminalized in 1995, but critics say the lack of regulation hurts sex workers.

The ‘Great Resignation’ goes global

In the advanced economies of the West, there are signs that worker power is growing. Elsewhere, the story is more uneven and certainly more grim.

China’s power shortages, housing struggles put the brakes on its economy

The country’s growth was weighed down in the third quarter, hitting the slowest rate in a year.

As Japan’s yakuza mob weakens, former gangsters struggle to find a role outside crime

It doesn’t help that ex-yakuza members carry the symbols of their former life: Full-body tattoos and missing pinkies.

American missionaries and family members kidnapped in Haiti by ‘400 Mawozo’ gang, groups say

Organizations that monitor kidnappings in Haiti believe the missionaries with Ohio-based Christian Aid Ministries were abducted by a much-feared gang known for mass kidnappings and targeting religious groups.

Costa Rica, city of Milan among winners of Prince William’s inaugural Earthshot Prize

The award describes itself as the “most prestigious global environment prize in history.”

Hungary’s opposition parties unite to challenge far-right leader Orban

Six parties from across the political spectrum banded together to pick Catholic conservative Peter Marki-Zay as their candidate in the 2022 election.

British lawmakers could get police protection when meeting constituents in wake of David Amess killing

Home Secretary Priti Patel says the government is also considering asking constituents to pre-book appointments with their elected representatives for weekly public meetings.

A woman won a million-euro Spanish literary prize. It turned out that ‘she’ was actually three men.

Three men revealed themselves to be the writers behind the pseudonym Carmen Mola.

Violent eviction drive in India’s Assam revives tensions over undocumented migrants

The incident laid bare seething tensions over the issue of immigration in Assam, a small state in northeastern India that shares a porous border with Bangladesh.
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Strikers protest Haiti's lack of security after kidnappings

The streets of Haiti’s capital are quiet and largely empty as thousands of workers angry about the nation’s lack of security go on strike
  • 57 minutes ago

Iran: US should lift sanctions to prove it wants talks

Iran’s president says the United States should lift the sanctions on his country to prove it is serious about restarting stalled nuclear talks in Vienna
  • 2 hours ago

Hezbollah leader declares his group has 100,000 fighters

The leader of Lebanon’s Hezbollah has declared for the first time that his powerful militant group has 100,000 trained fighters
  • 2 hours ago

Russian court outlaws racist, sexist extremist group

A Russian court has outlawed a radical online group that has become infamous for its racist and sexist views
  • 3 hours ago

UK Parliament honors lawmaker slain at constituents' meeting

Prime Minister Boris Johnson has led a somber British Parliament in honoring the Conservative lawmaker stabbed to death as he met constituents at a church hall
  • 4 hours ago
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