Britain plunges into record-shattering recession

The nation now finds itself with the worst economy and highest number of deaths from the coronavirus in Europe.

German students return to crowded classrooms with cautious optimism

Fears of new spikes in infections have loomed over Europe’s debate over how and when to reopen schools.
A man fixes damages at the Saint George Hospital University Medical Center in Beirut. (Hannah McKay/Reuters)
A man fixes damages at the Saint George Hospital University Medical Center in Beirut. (Hannah McKay/Reuters)

Half of Beirut’s health-care centers are out of commission after the explosion

The massive explosion that devastated swaths of Lebanon's capital last week has severely damaged its health system, further straining medical facilities that were already wrestling with rising cases of the coronavirus.
For decades, Italian students have mostly sat two to a desk. The rush to make single-seat desks in time has proved an unexpected headache.
Initial reports suggested that a landslide after heavy rains may have damaged the rail line.
Many Lebanese are demanding that money and aid in the form of food, medical care and housing be channeled only through trusted local organizations
Joe Biden’s selection for running mate has an unusually international background.
Door handles blistering to the touch. Leaves yellowed and brittle. And a yawning divide between AC haves and have-nots.
Attacks on tourists, some fatal, are prompting more signs and warnings: “The mountain pasture is no petting zoo.”
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Opponents say interim president Jeanine Áñez is trying to cling to power; ousted former president Evo Morales is urging restraint.
A week after the explosion in Beirut, a new food crisis is only the tip of the iceberg of Lebanon's troubles.
Emilio Lozoya’s allegations mark a rare case of a former senior official alleging corruption.
A Trump administration proposal to curb travel from Mexico by U.S. citizens and permanent residents remains in a draft stage and saddled with doubts.
A ship flung ashore sits in a tortured landscape, where the search for victims continues.
Fire official says combustible materials may have been stored alongside highly volatile ammonium nitrate.
Chinese President Xi Jinping signed a sweeping new national security law that will dramatically overhaul the city’s freedoms.
Authorities are investigating the blasts, which reduced a section of the city to rubble.
The country has enlisted the military in a retooled effort to gain control of a second wave of infections.
Russia’s aggressive push has raised alarms over essential testing. President Vladimir Putin said even his daughter was given a dose.
As its political structures unravel, a city that once offered safe harbor to the downtrodden is now exporting a new generation of asylum seekers.
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The United Nations chief is warning that the COVID-19 pandemic not only threatens gains in fighting global poverty and building peace but risks exacerbating existing conflicts and generating new ones
  • 47 minutes ago
A former Ecuadorian president known for his wild antics has been detained in an organized crime probe as authorities investigate the murder of an Israeli man jailed in a possible COVID-19 medical supplies scandal
  • 1 hour ago
The top U.S. commander for the Middle East is warning that elements of the Islamic State group are working to rebuild in western Syria, where the U.S. has little visibility or presence
  • 2 hours ago
A report by the State Department’s internal watchdog confirms news reports that U.S. ambassador and Jets owner Woody Johnson has been accused of making “insensitive” and “inappropriate” remarks to embassy staff
  • 4 hours ago
Pakistan’s information minister says he hopes that five new bills passed in Parliament aimed at curbing terror financing and money laundering will lead to the country’s removal from an international watch list
  • 4 hours ago
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