Bolsonaro’s return poses risks for the former president — and Brazil

The deeply divided country braces for the homecoming of its most polarizing figure.

By Terrence McCoy and Marina DiasMarch 25, 2023

Ukraine live briefing: Kyiv frustrated as U.N. report says both sides violated human rights

The United Nations says Russia carried out the majority of violations, including arbitrary detention, sexual violence and brutal treatment of prisoners of war.

By Andrew Jeong and Adela SulimanMarch 25, 2023

How to flee house arrest in Russia: Escapees tell their secrets

Keep the ankle bracelet on. Leave late on Friday when police response times are slow. Wear a disguise. Switch cars often. And don't take a suitcase through muddy fields.

By Robyn Dixon, Natalia Abbakumova and Francesca EbelMarch 25, 2023

Biden warns Iran after U.S. forces clash with proxy groups in Syria

President Biden said that while the U.S. wants to avoid a wider confrontation with Iran, indiscriminate attacks on U.S. troops would not go unpunished.

By Dan Lamothe and Missy RyanMarch 24, 2023

Rwanda frees Paul Rusesabagina, inspiration for ‘Hotel Rwanda,’ U.S. says

Rwanda releases Paul Rusesabagina, a former hotel manager portrayed as a hero in a Hollywood film about the 1994 genocide, after he was sentenced to 25 years in prison on terrorism charges in 2021.

By Katharine Houreld and John HudsonMarch 24, 2023

King Charles III postpones first overseas visit as pension protests rock France

Protests over Macron's pledge to raise the retirement age in France upended plans to host King Charles III for the first state visit of his reign.

By Ellen Francis and Claire ParkerMarch 24, 2023

Putin, charged with war crimes, must limit travel to avoid arrest

The 123 countries that belong to the International Criminal Court are legally obligated to arrest the Russian leader but some nations have flouted the court's orders in the past.

By Francesca Ebel, Robyn Dixon and Lauren TierneyMarch 24, 2023

Biden and Trudeau reaffirm their alliance

Biden makes his first visit to Canada as president at a time of growing international tensions.

By Matt Viser and Amanda ColettaMarch 24, 2023

Ukraine live briefing: U.N. report details killing of POWs; European allies promise more artillery

European Union leaders pledged to jointly deliver 1 million artillery rounds to Kyiv over the next year, as President Volodymyr Zelensky visited Kherson.

By Niha Masih, Adela Suliman and Adam TaylorMarch 24, 2023

India’s top opposition leader Gandhi expelled from Parliament after conviction

The defamation conviction of Rahul Gandhi, which supporters say is politically motivated, also means he cannot run for any elections for the next six years.

By Anant Gupta and Gerry ShihMarch 24, 2023

Governments around the world have moved to ban or restrict TikTok amid security fears

In the past months, numerous countries have moved to limit TikTok, fearing that it could be used to gain access to their citizens’ data or to spread propaganda.

By Jennifer Hassan, Ruby Mellen and Adam TaylorMarch 24, 2023

8 things to know about traveling in Europe during labor strikes

Trips to the U.K. and France may see disruptions to air travel, rail transportation and even sanitation services through spring and summer.

By Hannah SampsonMarch 24, 2023

You can walk on the mosaic where King Charles will be crowned — in your socks

Visitors to London’s Westminster Abbey will be able to stand on the rare Cosmati pavement where King Charles will be crowned — but they will have to take their shoes off.

By Victoria BissetMarch 24, 2023

In China, embattled TikTok chief seen as hero defying bullying U.S.

Chinese companies planning to invest in the United States are also expressing worry that they might face similar treatment as Shou Zi Chew.

By Vic Chiang and Lily KuoMarch 24, 2023

Drone attack kills U.S. contractor in Syria, prompting airstrike response

The Pentagon launched precision airstrikes in response to the attack, which officials attributed to militants affiliated with Iran.

By Dan LamotheMarch 24, 2023

Grindr warns Egyptian police may be using fake accounts to trap users

The gay dating app is sending regular warnings to its users in Egypt, alleging that the authorities are using fake accounts for entrapment.

By Kelsey AblesMarch 24, 2023

Warm winter threatens beloved Canadian tradition: The hair-freezing contest

Climate change and warmer winters threaten to disrupt the annual hair-freezing contest at Eclipse Nordic Hot Springs in Canada’s Yukon region.

By María Luisa PaúlMarch 24, 2023

Zebra who ran through busy Seoul streets escaped zoo after parents died

Sero's rebellious streak emerged after the deaths of both his parents, zoo officials said. He was caught after his escapade and is safely home.

By Andrew JeongMarch 24, 2023

The secretive Israeli think tank behind Netanyahu’s judicial overhaul

The role of the Kohelet Policy Forum in Israel's controversial judicial overhaul has shown the far-reaching political influence of the once obscure think tank.

By Shira RubinMarch 24, 2023

Between Avdiivka and Bakhmut, Ukrainian forces fight Russia on tough terrain

Some front-line Ukranian positions near the town of Niu-York have not moved since 2014, but Russians are pushing south from Bakhmut and north from Avdiivka, aiming to encircle them.

By Alex Horton and Anastacia GalouchkaMarch 24, 2023