(Philipp Guelland/EPA-EFE/REX/Shutterstock)
(Philipp Guelland/EPA-EFE/REX/Shutterstock)

Biden administration focuses on booster shots as best strategy against new coronavirus variant

That campaign is likely to involve messages urging people to get boosters and efforts to make sure the shots are available in as many locations as possible.

South Africa, which found the omicron variant first, sequences less than 1 percent of coronavirus samples

Scientists say genetic sequencing is crucial to preventing the spread of new, highly contagious variants. But 20 months into the pandemic, global rates of sequencing remain low as vaccine inequality grows.

Amid massive shortage, Canada taps strategic reserves — of maple syrup

Quebec produces 73 percent of the world’s maple syrup supply but was hit with a shorter and warmer spring sugaring season that caused output to fall by nearly a quarter.

Boris Johnson announces tougher entry rules after 2 cases of omicron detected in the U.K.

The British prime minister said the new rules will help to “buy time” for scientists to better understand the variant.

As Afghanistan’s economy collapses, international community looks for innovative ways to avoid humanitarian disaster

A U.N. program supporting health clinics could provide a model for injecting cash into the economy while bypassing the interim Taliban government.

Seoul wants to build a metaverse. A virtual New Year’s Eve ceremony will kick it off.

But designers still aren’t sure what these virtual worlds may ultimately look like.

Frustrated by vaccine inequity, a South African lab rushes to replicate Moderna’s shot

Scientists are racing to make a vaccine because, despite vaccine donation pledges, supply is short and just 6 percent of Africa’s 1.2 billion people have been fully vaccinated.
  • 11 hours ago

Israel bars all foreigners, reinstates phone surveillance in effort to contain omicron variant

The country has also added all African nations except Egypt and Morocco to its coronavirus “red list.”

‘You’ve got to prepare for the worst’: World responds to new variant’s arrival

White House officials, vaccine manufacturers say they are sprinting to stave off omicron.

Dutch officials believe omicron variant is among dozens of coronavirus cases detected at Amsterdam airport

Two planes carrying some 600 passengers from South Africa landed in the Netherlands; tests showed 61 people infected with the coronavirus — including some cases believed to be the new omicron variant — according to Dutch health authorities.

Officials: Variants ‘haunt’ world with vaccine imbalance between rich and poor nations

Omicron is seen as another warning sign of how global pandemic controls are only as strong as weakest links.
  • 1 day ago

At the English Channel, plans and prayers before perilous final leg in migrants’ long journeys

In the French dunes, everyone knows about those who died seeking reach Britain. Yet the successes keep them trying.

Honduras vote raises fears of violence at ‘key moment’ for Central America

Sunday's presidential election reflects an intense political fight in a country U.S. prosecutors call a "narco-state."

‘Afghan Girl’ from National Geographic cover evacuated to Rome, Italian government says

Gula's penetrating stare made her a symbol of refugees and conflict in the 1980s.

What you need to know about tensions between Ukraine and Russia

A look at the deep fissures between Moscow and Kyiv.

Ukraine’s Zelensky alleges Russia plotting coup against him for next week

The Kremlin denied the claims by Zelensky, who gave few details and left many questions.
  • 2 days ago

Migration row intensifies between U.K. and France after English Channel deaths

France’s Macron accused Britain’s Johnson of lacking seriousness.

Siberian mine explosion kills more than 50, another tragedy in an industry plagued with safety lapses

Family members and survivors say warnings of high methane gas levels went ignored.

‘We let our guard down’: Frustrated Europe heads into second pandemic winter

The latest wave has brought back restrictions people hoped they were done with.
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Honduran election could oust long-ruling National party

Hondurans are voting for a successor to deeply unpopular President Juan Orlando Hernández in elections that could oust his National Party after 12 years in power
  • 1 hour ago

Sudan says 6 soldiers killed in Ethiopia border fighting

Sudan’s armed forces says that six of its forces were killed in fighting in the country’s border region with Ethiopia
  • 2 hours ago

More omicron cases pop up as world rushes to learn more

Cases of the omicron variant of the coronavirus popped up in countries on opposite sides of the world Sunday and many governments rushed to close their borders
  • 2 hours ago

Israel to allow 3,000 Ethiopian Jews to immigrate

Israel’s government has approved the immigration of several thousand Ethiopian Jews, some of whom have waited for decades to join their relatives in Israel
  • 3 hours ago

EXPLAINER: What we know and don't know on new COVID variant

South African scientists identified a new version of the coronavirus that they say is behind a recent spike in COVID-19 infections in Gauteng, the country’s most populous province
  • 3 hours ago
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