Facebook, WhatsApp, Twitter halt review of Hong Kong requests for data

The social media giants said they would pause reviewing such requests from Hong Kong until they had reviewed the new national security law imposed by the Chinese government.
Chechen regional leader Ramzan Kadyrov gives an address in Russia in 2016. (Musa Sadulayev/AP)
Chechen regional leader Ramzan Kadyrov gives an address in Russia in 2016. (Musa Sadulayev/AP)

Chechen exiles are being hunted down. Often, the trail leads back to Russia.

A blogger gunned down Saturday in Austria was the latest victim. Russia denied charges of involvement in the wave of killings.
The young athlete allegedly had endured what she and others claimed was physical and verbal abuse from coaching staff.
Williams said her family was targeted because they are black and were in a Mercedes.
After years of currying favor with Beijing, a subtle rebalancing is underway — yet the Five Eyes member wants to keep some distance from President Trump.
In a paper to be published this week, more than 200 experts warn that covid-19 can spread through aerosols that can be more infectious in smaller amounts than previously thought.
The vast Laguna del Tigre National Park is home to Central America's largest rainforest. It's also a new way station for South American cocaine bound for the United States.
The potential vaccine pathways all come from the genetic sequence shared by Chinese labs after the initial outbreak.
Four generations of an Indian family — from 3 months to 90 years old — battled the pandemic.
A day of widespread reopenings in England saw salons and barbers flooded by the shaggy-haired and home-cut DIYers.
The West African country is offering discounted land to those who want to escape racism.
Surveys show Canadians support border restrictions to slow the spread of the coronavirus, amid a sense they’ve handled the pandemic better than the United States.
With cases rising in Texas, Arizona and Southern California, leaders in Sonora and Tamaulipas are seeking stronger controls and pleading for Americans not to cross.
Charities and aid groups are seeing something new: families never before in financial trouble seeking help, food and even a place to live.
The suspects are all Saudi nationals. The Saudi government has refused to extradite them.
The World Food Program says it needs to reach more people than ever before.
The prime minister’s raid on Kataib Hezbollah was the boldest move yet against the armed groups.
Health experts worry that even if a vaccine works, refusals could bring a resurgence.
Zheng Yanxiong is known for putting down an anti-corruption uprising in neighboring Guangdong province.
Not long ago, Hong Kong was seen as the city that would prefigure a more liberal, prosperous future for China.
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