Australia suspends Hong Kong extradition treaty, tells citizens to consider leaving

China warned of retaliation after the U.S. ally offered refuge and a path to residency for Hong Kongers.

Russian ambassador calls reports of bounty program to kill U.S. soldiers a ‘downright lie’

Anatoly Antonov said the reports are “poisoning the atmosphere of cooperation” on Afghan peace between the two countries.
(Video: Kevin Shenk; photo: Pete Marovich for The Post)

Egypt tries to silence its critics in the United States by jailing their relatives

Human rights activists said that family members have also been slapped with travel bans or hauled into security offices for interrogation.
His daughter reported him missing, and police said his phone signal was last detected earlier in the day.
The ‘Black is King’ trailer sparked a passionate debate about the portrayal of Africans and countries in Western media.
The event served as a reminder that the president had hoped to cruise to reelection on a strong economy — a strategy dashed as tens of millions of Americans have been forced out of work since March.
Dozens of African migrant workers have been abandoned on the roadside by Lebanese employers.
They rove. They disinfect. They make drinks. They even bust a few dance moves.
Well beyond a billion students were sent home from schools as the novel coronavirus spread around the world.
The two would-be populists have developed a conspicuous friendship in an age of crisis.
Williams accused the police of racial profiling, saying she and her family were targeted because they are black and were in a Mercedes-Benz.
China’s new security agency in the city will operate out of a four-star hotel that offers a vantage point over key protest zones — and a rooftop pool.
The government says it will not shutter the economy again despite calls by medical experts for caution.
Still reeling from the coronavirus, China’s heartland now faces deadly floods.
The government says weddings are the main culprit, but critics blame politics for the public health failure.
The populist president said he’s taking hydroxychloroquine to treat the infection. The U.S. ambassador to Brazil has tested negative for covid-19.
Officials are stepping up precautions, banning the hunting, skinning and transportation of rodents that can carry the deadly bacteria.
"A vaccine dose that remains in a vial is zero-percent effective."
The new measures threaten to derail the recovery of a country that had enjoyed relative success in conquering the virus.
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Historical texts and discussions that might go against Beijing’s desired narrative are being erased as officials impose “patriotic education.”
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The International Union for Conservation of Nature, updating its “red list” of threatened species, reports that lemurs are increasingly in danger of extinction
  • 1 hour ago
A U.S. Army delegation led by its chief of staff is the first group of official visitors to Thailand since entry rules were eased as part of the lifting of coronavirus restrictions
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The Africa Centers for Disease Control and Prevention says the coronavirus pandemic on the continent is reaching “full speed” after cases surpassed a half-million
  • 3 hours ago
A quarter of a century after they were killed in Srebrenica, eight Bosnian men and boys will be laid to rest Saturday
  • 6 hours ago
In an effort to combat rising jihadist violence, Burkina Faso’s military has recruited volunteers to help it fight militants
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