(Gregorio Borgia/AP)
(Gregorio Borgia/AP)

E.U. recommends lifting bans on U.S. travelers

The United States, however, has not yet lifted its sweeping ban on many E.U. travelers.
  • 22 minutes ago

E.U. recommends lifting bans on U.S. travelers

The United States, however, has not yet lifted its sweeping ban on many E.U. travelers.
  • 22 minutes ago

A dispirited electorate votes for president in Iran, where the result seems all but assured

The front-runner is Ebrahim Raisi, a conservative cleric viewed as a protege and possible successor to Iran’s supreme leader.

Covid-19 live updates: CDC lowers warning for cruises, recommends only fully vaccinated travel

The public health body recommended that all passengers get tested before and after their trip, while urging unvaccinated travelers to self-quarantine.

Israel to provide Palestinians 1 million doses of coronavirus vaccine

The new Israeli government will transfer about-to-expire vaccines now in exchange for the same number of doses later in the year.

Mothers in sister cities: Finding lessons from the pandemic in Germany and Virginia

As parts of Europe and the United States rebound from the depths of the pandemic, two women share how their families coped, struggled and now wonder what's ahead.

Bear goes on rampage in Japan, storms military base, airport

The bear injured four people, and caused schools to close and flights to be canceled, before it was eventually shot.

In nationalizing Juneteenth, the U.S. is still late to the hemisphere’s party

Juneteenth celebrations in the United States are of a piece with celebrations of Black liberation from the Caribbean, where the moment of emancipation is more closely tethered to histories of independence from Europe’s colonial empires.

Robert Hollander, towering scholar of Dante’s ‘Divine Comedy,’ dies at 87

With his wife, Jean Hollander, he produced an English translation of ‘The Divine Comedy’ that was hailed as a masterpiece.

Hong Kong police raid newspaper offices, arrest editors, executives under security law

The raid on Apple Daily and the arrests show how dramatically space is shrinking for the city’s once-free press.

Bitcoin miners exit China, beat a path to the U.S. as crypto climate shifts

Beijing appears uneasy not only about the industry’s carbon footprint, but also the intrinsically uncontrollable nature of cryptocurrency.

World Bank declines to help El Salvador adopt bitcoin, citing environmental and transparency concerns

The global development organization cited "environmental and transparency shortcomings."

Kenneth Kaunda, Zambian president and African liberation symbol, dies at 97

He helped lead the country to independence and served for 27 years as its first president.

To Russians, Putin got what he wanted from Biden: Some ‘great power’ respect

For Putin, there can be no U.S.-Russia reset. But there was hope of an end to the downward spiral.

With deck stacked for hard-line candidate, Iranians debate whether to vote at all

Ultraconservative cleric Ebrahim Raisi is widely favored to prevail in presidential election on Friday.

U.K. ends restriction on gay and bisexual men donating blood

Critics say that restrictions, still in place in the United States, discriminate against LGBTQ individuals and are not scientifically sound.

These twins are 5 years old. They lost both parents to covid-19.

Perhaps no phenomenon encapsulates India's losses like the number of children orphaned in the surge.

Books by one of Britain’s most famous children’s authors branded racist

Enid Blyton's books have long been considered classics and beloved by generations, but also reflect the attitudes of almost a century ago.
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Migrant boat capsizes near Spain's Canary Islands, 4 dead

Spanish authorities say four people died when a migrant boat believed to be carrying 45 passengers capsized in Spain’s Canary Islands
  • 17 minutes ago

Mexico conservatives to sue over gay pride Twitter hacking

A socially conservative Mexican political party is threatening legal action after someone hacked the Solidarity Encounter Party’s Twitter account and posted the gay pride banner and the slogan “Love is Love.”
  • 36 minutes ago

Namibian chief who urged German reparations dies of virus

A prominent Namibian traditional leader, Vekuii Rukoro, the paramount chief of the OvaHererero people who led international legal battles to bring Germany to pay reparations for its genocide in the southern African country, has died of COVID-19
  • 41 minutes ago

Sealed with a kiss: Macron revives France's cheeky embrace

The double-cheeked embrace that was a customary greeting in France before the coronavirus pandemic saw it largely abandoned as a potential kiss of death is back with a presidential seal of approval
  • 49 minutes ago

Greek pilot charged with murdering UK wife, staging robbery

A Greek helicopter pilot has been charged with the murder of his British-Greek wife Caroline Crouch after being led to court in handcuffs and a bulletproof vest
  • 56 minutes ago
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