Police officers on horseback stand next to demonstrators blocking the road outside the Houses of Parliament in central London on Sunday. (AP)
Police officers on horseback stand next to demonstrators blocking the road outside the Houses of Parliament in central London on Sunday. (AP)

Protests over death of George Floyd and police killings spread to London, Berlin, Toronto

Demonstrators worldwide defied coronavirus restrictions to wave “I can't breathe” signs and chant “no justice, no peace” outside U.S. embassies.

Scientists tackle starfish plagues on endangered Great Barrier Reef

In the past 30 years, half of the reef’s coral has been lost, largely because of bleaching events and crown-of-thorns starfish outbreaks.
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With a limited medical system, Canada’s largest and least populated territory has imposed a strict lockdown. It’s the only state-level jurisdiction on the continent to be spared infection.
The upheaval sparked by the killing of George Floyd and the vociferousness of Trump's rhetoric shows the hollowness of his posturing over Hong Kong and human rights elsewhere.
Low-lying cities in Bolivia, Ecuador and Peru have been hit hard, but mountainous regions have avoided the worst. Scientists are calling for more study.
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Before the coronavirus, poor families in Caracas relied on schools for child care, and meals.
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The decision came after German Chancellor Angela Merkel objected to Trump’s decision to revive an in-person meeting in Washington this month as a sign of recovery from the pandemic.
Germany said it was “disappointing” while the European Union asked Trump to “reconsider.”
The theory is unproven, but it highlights deep mistrust at a critical point in the peace process.
Although China was likely relieved by the lack of specifics in Trump’s latest broadside, analysts say the relationship will only get even worse.
Reports say officers mistakenly thought the man, who was autistic and on his way to a school for students with disabilities, was armed.
With fewer than 800 confirmed cases, Georgia tests “new reality” of tourism with select nations on the guest list.
The announcement by Abbas makes it harder for some West Bankers to travel to Israel for work and medical care.
The democratic island has offered support to the people of Hong Kong as Beijing prepares a national security law that would dismantle the financial hub’s autonomy.
Here’s what you need to know about what the WHO is and does.
Secretary of State Mike Pompeo said he no longer considers Hong Kong autonomous from China as Beijing plans to implement a sweeping national security law in the city.
The legislation also paves the way for more cooperation with the United States.
Travel restrictions have created more distance between America and Europe than at any point since the dawn of commercial air travel.
George Floyd's death and subsequent protests have provoked responses from around the globe.
There was no word on whether the new slogan — “Together. Making Europe Strong Again” — would go on red hats.
The Hotel Michelangelo is dedicated to keeping people apart.
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Zimbabwe has summoned the U.S. ambassador in Harare to a meeting over comments by a White House official suggesting Zimbabwe is among “foreign adversaries” that could face retaliation for trying to foment unrest in the U.S. over the death of  George Floyd, a black man who pleaded for air as an officer pressed a knee into his neck
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Many South Africans spent their Monday morning lining up outside liquor stores, as alcohol sales were allowed again after a two-month ban because of the coronavirus outbreak
  • 36 minutes ago
Hong Kong police rejected an application for an annual candlelight vigil marking the anniversary this week of the 1989 Tiananmen Square crackdown, as residents rushed to apply for passports that could allow them to move to the United Kingdom
  • 1 hour ago

Indonesian police say they fatally shot a suspected Islamic militant who killed an officer at a police station with a samurai-style sword
  • 1 hour ago
The closure of Finland’s border with Russia amid the COVID-19 pandemic has hit the Nordic nation’s eastern border region hard
  • 5 hours ago
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