(Jeff J Mitchell/Getty Images)
(Jeff J Mitchell/Getty Images)

Scotland’s pro-independence leader promises another bid to break from U.K. after election boost

A possible push for another referendum sets up a clash with British Prime Minister Boris Johnson.

Bombing outside Kabul girls’ school kills at least 30

The bombing, which occurred as school was letting out for the day, also wounded more than 50 people, the Afghan Interior Ministry said. The attack is the deadliest to strike the Afghan capital in months.

From a Texas dental office to the Canadian tundra, here’s where space debris has crashed to Earth

With oceans and unpopulated areas covering much of the globe, it’s statistically unlikely that a piece of falling space junk will land in someone’s suburban backyard. But there have been a handful of high-profile incidents.

The Taliban is targeting areas around key provincial capitals, looking for weak spots as foreign troops withdraw

Unlike other Taliban offensives in recent months, these have not triggered a barrage of heavy U.S. air support, according to local officials.

Palestinians and Israeli police clash in Jerusalem over planned Arab evictions

More than 200 people were injured. Officials brace for more protests in coming days.

Faye Schulman, partisan photographer who captured Jewish resistance during the Holocaust, dies at 101

Operating in the forests of Eastern Europe, she wielded a camera along with her gun, documenting the partisan cause in riveting historical photographs.

Mass murder and the sin of silence

The Kaniyat brutalized this town for years. No one stopped them. No one held them to account.

French court to decide landmark case against the U.S. makers of Agent Orange

Though U.S. veterans of the Vietnam War get disability benefits, no Vietnamese civilian has won a case like this.

In India’s surge, a religious gathering attended by millions helped the virus spread

The giant festival was one source of infections as cases skyrocketed, according to local officials, religious leaders and media reports.

Covid-19 live updates: CDC acknowledges airborne transmission

Chinese vaccine-maker Sinopharm was listed for emergency authorization by the World Heath Organization Friday in a move expected to bolster the global supply of coronavirus vaccines.

WHO grants emergency use authorization for Chinese-made Sinopharm coronavirus vaccine

The step means that the vaccine, developed by Sinopharm with the Beijing Institute of Biological Products, can be used to bolster WHO-backed efforts such as the Covax initiative to share doses equitably around the world.

Harris urges cooperation to stem the tide of migrants in meeting with Mexico’s López Obrador

The vice president met with the leader of Mexico by video Friday and plans to visit the country in June.

Spain cracks down on saffron crime ring, arresting 17 in raid

By importing Iranian saffron and labeling it as Spanish saffron, a shadowy organization "caused enormous economic damage to the Spanish saffron sector,” authorities said.

China says out-of-control space rocket booster probably won’t cause any harm

It’s almost impossible to predict where the trail of debris will hit until hours before its projected reentry Saturday.

Liechtenstein prince accused of poaching Europe’s largest bear

Prince Emanuel von und zu Liechtenstein was granted a permit to kill a female bear who had been menacing a village in the Carpathian Mountains, according to environmental groups. But somehow Arthur, who lived in a nature reserve nearby, ended up getting killed instead.

Australian basketball star threatens Tokyo boycott over ‘whitewashing’ in country’s Olympic promotions

Australian basketball star Liz Cambage has blasted her country's Olympic officials over "whitewashing" in their promotional materials.

Former Maldives president injured in bomb attack in capital

Police are calling the attack “a deliberate act of terror” targeting one of the nation’s most prominent politicians.

From V-E Day in Paris to Berlin’s black market: An American GI and his camera in the wake of war

Pfc. Sam Jaffe’s camera had a winding journey at the end of World War II. Decades later, the negatives turned up at a yard sale in the United States and then were auctioned off on eBay.

Protests have spread across Colombia. Here’s why.

At least two dozen people have been killed and hundreds injured in a week of antigovernment protests.
  • 1 day ago

Locked down during Cambodia’s virus outbreak, people are running out of food

Unable to leave their homes because of coronavirus restrictions, families in “red zone” areas tell of increasing desperation and government inaction.
  • 1 day ago
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China says most rocket debris burned up during reentry

China’s space agency says a core segment of its biggest rocket reentered Earth’s atmosphere above the Maldives and most of it burned up early Sunday
  • 7 minutes ago

Death toll soars to 50 in school bombing in Afghan capital

The Afghan Interior Ministry says the death toll in a horrific bombing at a girls’ school in the Afghan capital has soared to 50, many of them pupils between 11 and 15 years old
  • 21 minutes ago

Myanmar junta brands ousted lawmakers 'terrorists'

Myanmar’s junta has labeled a shadow government of lawmakers and politicians ousted in a February coup and a people’s defense force that is being set up to confront security forces as terrorist groups
  • 47 minutes ago

Beefed-up Israel police clash with Palestinians in Jerusalem

Israeli police have clashed in east Jerusalem with Palestinian protesters during the holiest night of Ramadan
  • 1 hour ago

US Navy seizes arms shipment in Arabian Sea amid Yemen war

The U.S. Navy says it has seized an arms shipment hidden aboard a vessel in the Arabian Sea
  • 3 hours ago
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