(The Associated Press)
(The Associated Press)
Dozens have died in street clashes ahead of Ivory Coast’s vote Saturday.

Typhoon Goni bears down on the Philippines with 180 mph winds

Forecasters predict “destructive typhoon-force winds” and a storm surge of at least 6½ to 10 feet.

How the coronavirus made it nearly impossible to renounce U.S. citizenship

A record number of Americans are seeking to give up citizenship this year. But disruptions to consular services have made it nearly impossible.

What’s reopened and what’s still restricted in 16 cities around the world

Post correspondents and contributors check on the progress of reopening from lockdowns in cities across Europe, Asia, Africa and Latin America.
Brahim Aouissaoui was described as part of a common story in Tunisia: Odd jobs, frustration and a migrant boat to Europe.
The team, led by Navy SEALs, raided a site in northern Nigeria to free the 27-year-old captive.
The earthquake, which injured more than 800 people, has led to a rare moment of comity between the leaders of Turkey and Greece
European leaders plan to chart a more independent course.
Street protests enter eighth day as Polish president appears to distance himself from restrictive new law.
“I think that this year’s Christmas will be a different Christmas," European Commission President Ursula von der Leyen told reporters in Brussels on Wednesday.
The magnitude 7 quake sent a surge of seawater in areas near the Turkish city Izmir.
A day after a knife attack in a church in France killed three, Muslims marched in several countries to protest the French government’s rhetoric defending cartoons of the prophet Muhammad.
President Trump's plan to withdraw the United States from the Paris climate agreement takes effect Nov. 4, one day after the national election. If Democratic candidate Joe Biden wins the White House, he has promised to rejoin the accord.
In one scenario modelled by the scientists, the infection risk for participants and their contacts was around 70 times lower when health and safety instructions were followed.
No one knows where the mysterious bird came from, but his new east London neighbors are glad he stayed.
“It is not something I have ever heard of occurring in my life, in any context,” Australia's foreign minister said.
Cemeteries have been ordered closed on the night when families commune with the spirits of loved ones.
Others play down fears of a less supportive stance toward Taipei, pointing to a fundamental shift in U.S.-China relations.
As Japan’s rural population shrinks, bears are venturing out of the mountains — and many are facing a grisly end.
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For a second straight day, many university students in Bangkok have boycotted a graduation ceremony attended by Thailand’s king and queen, as part of an unprecedented push for reform of the monarchy
  • 8 minutes ago
The family of a Tennessee man held in a Venezuelan prison on charges of terrorism is speaking out for the first time
  • 27 minutes ago
A third suspect is in French custody in connection with a knife attack that killed three people in a Nice church
  • 46 minutes ago
The family of a Tennessee man held in a Venezuelan prison on charges of terrorism is speaking out for the first time
  • 2 hours ago
Sudan says it has signed an agreement with the U.S. that could effectively stop any future compensation claims being filed against the African country in U.S. courts, following Washington’s decision to remove the country from its list of state sponsors of terrorism
  • 2 hours ago
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