(Mahesh Kumar A/AP)
(Mahesh Kumar A/AP)

Covid-19 live updates: Indian coronavirus variant has now spread to almost 50 countries, says WHO

While numbers are declining in every other region globally, cases in India are still soaring and made up half the new cases worldwide over the last week.

A sweeping coronavirus lockdown in Turkey sets off arguments and economic anxiety

The restrictions, from the well-intentioned to the bizarre, landed on a public in no mood for more rules this late in the pandemic.

An escaped leopard is eluding its would-be captors in China. Officials sent hundreds of drones to find it.

Two of the three big cats that escaped from a safari park in April have been recaptured, but one remains on the loose.

CDC director urges parents to vaccinate children

In testimony before a Senate committee, the CDC director encouraged children to ask for the vaccine if their parents are hesitant.

The Abraham Accords have already become a Middle East afterthought

The limits of Israel’s normalization of ties with a handful of Arab states is already on view.

In southern Israel, a barrage of rockets kills 2 and sends residents scrambling for shelter

In the Gaza Strip, 30 people were killed Tuesday, among them 10 children, according to the Palestinian health ministry.

Violence between Israelis and Palestinians escalates toward all-out war

Officials said at least 30 Gazans died in retaliatory attacks as Hamas fired rockets at Israeli cities, killing at least three people.

What’s behind the violence in Israel and Gaza?

Violence in Gaza Strip escalated Tuesday after a night of Israeli airstrikes.

Here’s how rockets from Gaza test Israel’s Iron Dome

Amid spiraling violence sparked by clashes in Jerusalem, a familiar sound has returned to southern Israel: the blare of rocket sirens and the explosions of Iron Dome interceptors.

Moments before the blast, she ushered her children inside. She wasn’t so lucky herself.

Israel’s retaliatory airstrikes on Gaza have caused widespread damage and disrupted daily lives.
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The U.K. is set to pursue a ban on ‘conversion therapy.’ Here’s where other countries stand on the issue.

Tuesday’s announcement positions the U.K. closer to joining only a handful of other countries with nationwide bans against conversion therapy. Here’s a look at where the practice stands globally.

At least 9 dead in rare Russian school shooting

Video footage showed children jumping from school windows to escape the gunfire.

Queen Elizabeth II doesn’t wear a mask or crown as she opens U.K. parliament and outlines Boris Johnson’s agenda

It was the public’s first glimpse of the 95-year-old monarch since the funeral of her husband, Prince Philip, three weeks ago at Windsor Castle.

British elections send a message to Trump, GOP and Biden’s Democrats

The tug and pull of cultural and economic issues and changing coalitions affect both parties.

Deadly ‘black fungus’ cases add to India’s covid crisis

Doctors are alarmed by the increase in mucormycosis, with the rare infection on the rise due to overuse of steroids to treat covid-19.

China says its population is still growing, if slowly, in once-a-decade census

Officials said the figure reached 1.41 billion in 2020, with the growth rate getting closer to zero.

The U.S. calls for ‘calm’ between Israelis and Palestinians. But it’s part of the problem.

Some analysts argue that the support of successive U.S. administrations for Israel — through billions of dollars in military aid, acquiescence to Israel’s steady expansion of settlements in the West Bank and the shielding of Israel from censure in international forums — brought the conflict to this point.

WHO classifies variant found in India as being of global concern

French President Emmanuel Macron called the move pragmatic and said the E.U. will focus on more “effective” vaccines.

Hamas and Israel exchange rocket fire following contentious ‘Jerusalem Day’ clashes

After a bloody day of confrontations that left 300 Palestinians injured, Hamas retaliated by launching 200 rockets toward Jerusalem and southern Israel.
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Displacement in East Jerusalem

Israeli-Palestinian violence is flaring as Israel marks the contentious Jerusalem Day holiday. What April’s job numbers mean for the future of work. And, the prom must go on.
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Taiwan's leader seeks to reassure over new virus cases

Taiwan’s president has sought to reassure the public that the government is capable of withstanding a further outbreak of COVID -19 after six local cases were detected
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Escalating Mideast violence bears hallmarks of 2014 Gaza war

Rockets streamed out of Gaza and Israel pounded the territory with airstrikes
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Iran state TV says Ahmadinejad will run in presidential race

Iran’s state television is reporting that the country’s former firebrand president will run again for office in upcoming elections in June
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Drop in Xinjiang birthrate largest in recent history: report

Xinjiang in far western China had the sharpest known decline in birthrates of any territory in recent history
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Scientists race to study variants in India as cases explode

A potentially worrisome variant of the coronavirus detected in India may spread more easily
  • 4 hours ago
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