Prince Harry and Meghan in Netflix documentary seek to control their story

There's a long tradition of British royals trying to influence public accounts of their lives.

By Karla Adam and William BoothDecember 6, 2022

Indonesia’s parliament votes to ban sex outside of marriage

The impact of the law, part of a sweeping overhaul of the criminal code, depends on how it would be implemented and enforced — a question that remains open.

By Victoria BissetDecember 6, 2022

Ukraine live briefing: Attacks on Russian airfields carried out by Ukrainian drones, Kyiv official says

A Ukrainian official told The Washington Post that the strikes were carried out by Ukrainian drones, though Kyiv did not officially claim responsibility.

By David L. Stern, Erin Cunningham, Mary Ilyushina, Jeff Stein, Kelly Kasulis Cho, Jennifer Hassan and Miriam BergerDecember 6, 2022

The gold-mining city that’s destroying a sacred Venezuelan mountain

The Cerro Yapacana is home to wildlife found nowhere else in the world. Satellite images show the extent of the damage.

By Samantha Schmidt, Ana Vanessa Herrero and Janice Kai ChenDecember 6, 2022

Strep A: What to know about the usually mild infection leading to children’s deaths

Symptoms of Strep A are usually mild, though an invasive form of the bacterial infection called iGAS has led to deaths of young children in Britain.

By Jennifer Hassan and Adela SulimanDecember 6, 2022

Ukrainian drones hit two air bases deep inside Russia in brazen attack

Strikes on the Engels base in Saratov and the Dyagilevo base in Ryazan, where strategic bombers are stationed, marked Kyiv's most dramatic attacks on Russian soil.

By Mary Ilyushina, Jeff Stein and David L. SternDecember 6, 2022

Russian mercenaries accused of using violence to corner diamond trade

Report alleges that individuals linked to the Wagner Group are active in the Central African Republic's illicit diamond trade.

By Mary Ilyushina and Francesca EbelDecember 6, 2022

China bids farewell to ex-leader Jiang and his era of relative openness

Top officials gathered for former president Jiang Zemin’s memorial as Xi Jinping faces widespread frustration over covid restrictions and his iron-fisted rule.

By Christian ShepherdDecember 6, 2022

2,500 endangered Caspian seals found dead on Russian shores

Caspian seals are the only marine mammals in the landlocked sea. Conservation officials said they will be examined in a lab to determine the cause of death.

By Bryan PietschDecember 6, 2022

For a sweltering petrostate, a ‘carbon neutral’ World Cup is a challenge

Environmentalists have pointed to numerous flaws in Qatar’s, and FIFA’s, approach to “net zero.”

By Claire ParkerDecember 6, 2022

Ukraine live briefing: Kremlin says Ukrainian drones attacked bases deep in Russia; missile strikes cause power outages in Ukraine

As missiles headed for Kyiv, the European Union’s embargo on seaborne Russian crude and the Group of Seven’s price cap on oil went into effect.

By Jeff Stein, Annabelle Timsit, Rachel Pannett, Emily Rauhala, Claire Parker, Alex Horton and Maham JavaidDecember 5, 2022

Rebels killed hundreds in Democratic Republic of Congo, officials say

Officials on Monday said nearly 300 people were killed in a restive area in the country's east, where rebels have advanced in recent weeks.

By Erin CunninghamDecember 5, 2022

She fled Russian occupation by boat. Minutes later, she was shot.

The 75-year-old woman’s death on the Dnieper River underscored a dilemma as battle lines shift in Ukraine. At what point is it more dangerous to flee than to stay?

By Samantha Schmidt and Serhii KorolchukDecember 5, 2022

Support slipping for indefinite U.S. aid to Ukraine, poll finds

47 percent of Americans think Washington should urge Ukraine toward a swift peace settlement, according to the Chicago Council on Global Affairs survey.

By Claire ParkerDecember 5, 2022

Evacuations in Indonesia as Mount Semeru erupts, spewing river of lava

Sunday's eruption comes exactly a year after the same volcano erupted, leaving more than 50 people dead and villages blanketed in ash and mud.

By Sammy WestfallDecember 5, 2022

Coronation crown taken from Tower to be resized for King Charles III

The 362-year-old St. Edward’s Crown is one of the most famous bejeweled headpieces in the world.

By William BoothDecember 5, 2022

North Korea’s first daughter emerges. Could women one day run the country?

Women play a complex role in both the political structure and economy of North Korea. But the country remains a deeply male-dominated society.

By Michelle Ye Hee Lee and Min Joo KimDecember 5, 2022

What gets missed in the angry debate over Qatar’s World Cup

Off the field, the World Cup has been the site of a rancorous contest between a moralizing West and increasingly indignant Qatari hosts and their Arab brethren.

By Ishaan TharoorDecember 4, 2022

Ukraine live briefing: Few crossing Dnieper River into Kherson; ‘reduced tempo’ of war to continue, U.S. intel chief says

Russia and Ukraine will probably “try to refit, resupply, in a sense, reconstitute” in the spring, Director of National Intelligence Avril Haines said.

By Samantha Schmidt, Serhii Korolchuk, Kendra Nichols, Annabelle Timsit, Ben Brasch and Nick ParkerDecember 4, 2022

Ukraine allows perilous Dnieper River crossings to flee Russian occupation

Those willing to dare the journey face peril: A 65-year-old woman attempting to cross the river died under gunfire Sunday, according to Kherson City Council.

By Samantha Schmidt and Serhii KorolchukDecember 4, 2022