(Chris Helgren/Reuters)
(Chris Helgren/Reuters)

China’s ‘hostage diplomacy’ standoff with Canada is over. But how much damage was done?

A seemingly intractable dispute might have ended. But a thaw in Canada-China relations appeared unlikely.

How Afghanistan’s security forces lost the war

Building Afghanistan’s national security forces was one of the most ambitious and expensive aspects of two decades of U.S.-led war. It resulted in failure.

Germany awaits ‘generational change’ in wide-open election to succeed Merkel

Candidates made the their pitches before Sunday's voting.

Canada’s ‘two Michaels’ back home after more than 1,000 days imprisoned in China as Huawei’s Meng cuts deal with U.S.

Former diplomat Michael Kovrig and businessman Michael Spavor were detained several days after Canada arrested Meng on a U.S. extradition request.

Hope collides with doubt, while covid deaths soar, in the E.U.’s least-vaccinated country

Europe’s immunization campaign prioritized equity. So why is only 19% of Bulgaria fully vaccinated?

Radical leader of Pakistan’s Red Mosque emboldened by Taliban takeover of Afghanistan

Maulana Abdul Aziz and his followers have raised white Taliban flags in Islamabad.

Germany’s young ‘Merkel generation’ tilts toward Greens over climate worries. But will older voters follow?

The Green party has struggled to recapture its momentum before Sunday’s election.

E.U. tells Russia not to carry out cyberattacks as Germany heads for Sunday election

The E.U.'s foreign policy chief linked hacking efforts to the Ghostwriter group, which German officials have associated with Russian military intelligence.

Meng Wanzhou can return to China, admits helping Huawei conceal dealings in Iran

The deferred prosecution agreement the United States struck with the tech executive, who had been detained for nearly three years in Canada, did not include a guilty plea.

As Biden hosts first Quad summit at the White House, China is the background music

A month after U.S. forces departed from Afghanistan and the Taliban swept into power, United States’ commitment to allies have been questioned from London to Brussels to Beijing.

A Taliban founder says cutting off hands as punishment will be ‘necessary for security’

A founder of the Taliban, notorious for imposing its harsh rule during its last term, says the group will bring back executions and amputations.

Australia, a climate laggard, leans toward 2050 net-zero target as election looms

There are growing signs that leader Scott Morrison will abandon resistance to the commitment ahead of the COP26 Glasgow summit.

Dying crops, spiking energy bills, showers once a week. In South America, the climate future has arrived.

From the frigid peaks of Patagonia to the tropical wetlands of Brazil, worsening droughts this year are slamming farmers, shutting down ski slopes, upending transit and raising the price of everything from coffee to electricity.

Young climate activists join Greta Thunberg for first major Fridays for Future strikes of pandemic

The protests around the world come ahead of a major global summit on climate change in Glasgow.

A small home was left untouched by the Canary Islands volcano eruption. Social media is calling it a ‘miracle.’

Rivers of lava flowed over the Spanish island, but one house stood unscathed.

Hezbollah flexes its muscles in Lebanon and provides free Iranian fuel

The diesel isn’t going to make a huge difference, but it is a further sign of the group’s power in the country.
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To help U.S. allies flee Afghanistan, these advocates turned to Iran

An international network succeeded in smuggling female Afghan lawmakers out of the country after the airport was closed.

China vows to ‘clamp down’ on cryptocurrency trading, bans crypto mining

China said all virtual currencies were illegal. Bitcoin fell 5% following the announcement.

The Taliban said it would respect women’s rights. Then it abolished the Ministry of Women’s Affairs.

Afghan women’s rights activists say that the Taliban move to abolish the ministry marks a symbolic end to the formal role women have played in government over the past 20 years.
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Harry and Meghan visit UN during world leaders' meeting

Britain’s Prince Harry and Meghan, the Duchess of Sussex, have met with a top United Nations official amid the world body’s biggest gathering of the year
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Canadians, Chinese executive return home in prisoner swap

China, the U.S. and Canada completed a high-stakes prisoner swap Saturday with joyous homecomings for two Canadians held by China and for an executive of Chinese global communications giant Huawei Technologies charged with fraud
  • 1 hour ago

Taliban hang body in public; signal return to past tactics

The Taliban have hanged a dead body from a crane in a main city square in Afghanistan
  • 2 hours ago

Kim's sister: NKorea willing to talk if Seoul shows respect

The powerful sister of North Korean leader Kim Jong Un says her country will take steps to repair ties with South Korea, and may even discuss another summit between their leaders, if the South drops what she described as hostility and double standards
  • 6 hours ago

Haitians heading to US change plans, ready to wait in Mexico

As U.S. authorities moved out the last of the more than 14,000 migrants who gathered beside a border bridge in Del Rio, thousands of other Haitians en route between the border and South America are coming to the realization that a window of time has closed
  • 6 hours ago
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