Israeli forces hit Hamas tunnels in Gaza as all-out war looms; more rockets rain down

The 40-minute midnight assault involved 160 Israeli warplanes and three brigades of ground forces, including tanks, according to a spokesman for the Israeli military.

Covid-19 live updates: Scientists call for ‘proper investigation’ into virus origins

In a letter published in the latest edition of the journal Science, the researchers say the findings of a joint investigation by the World Health Organization and China released in March are not sufficiently conclusive.

Prince Harry opens up about mental health, ‘genetic pain’ and living ‘in a zoo’

In a podcast interview, Harry said he wants to avoid passing on his pain to his children.

As protesters flee Hong Kong, Taiwan quietly extends a helping hand

Hong Kongers are settling, sometimes uneasily, into a new home that is close in culture, language and geography, yet a world apart in political freedoms and safety.

Next door to hard-hit India, coronavirus cases surge in Nepal

The wave has rapidly overwhelmed hospitals and depleted medical supplies in the Himalayan country of 30 million.

What Netanyahu and Hamas gain as countless suffer

Amid the chaos and trauma of the resurgent conflict, two long-standing foes see their own political fortunes rise.

Israeli forces escalate campaign in Gaza with tanks, artillery, planes; Hamas launches rockets

The Israeli military escalated its campaign against the Hamas militant group in Gaza late Thursday as artillery, tanks and war planes combined in a withering assault on the Palestinian enclave.

Arab Israelis are rising up to protest. Here’s what you need to know about their status in the country.

Many of the Arab Israelis taking part in recent mass protests are angered not only by the ongoing airstrikes against Palestinians but also their own sense of being second-class citizens.

The Israeli-Palestinian conflict, a timeline

Decades of conflict, tensions and the occasional hope for peace.

Canada’s ethics watchdog clears Trudeau in WE Charity scandal

But Mario Dion did not let former finance minister Bill Morneau off the hook, finding he contravened conflict-of-interest laws.

As rival gangs of Jews and Arabs clash on streets, fears mount of irreparable damage to Israeli society

Although there will be an eventual cease-fire between Israel and Hamas, it will be harder to stop the communal violence.

What’s behind the violence in Israel and Gaza?

Violence in Gaza Strip escalated Tuesday after a night of Israeli airstrikes.

Israel’s military assault on Gaza threatens to worsen the pandemic in the enclave

The violence could undo fragile gains against Gaza’s worst outbreak since the pandemic began.

What weapons do Palestinian militants in the Gaza Strip have and how powerful are they?

The Gaza Strip militant group has fired rockets and shells at Israeli cities in recent days. Here's a look at what weapons the group has and how powerful they are.

This Siberian town lost everything when the mill closed. It’s now struggling to find a future.

Baikalsk is the Russian version of struggles in America's Rust Belt: idled mills, lost jobs and questions over how to reimagine a way forward.

Widespread blackouts hit Taiwan after power plant trips

Rotating electricity outages were instituted for millions of people islandwide, as the supplier said emergency repairs were underway.
  • 22 hours ago

Germany’s rising Green Party echoes many U.S. policies. That could rattle pipeline plans from Russia.

The nearly completed Nord Stream 2 pipeline is backed by Angela Merkel, but her time as leader ends later this year.

The battle for Myanmar is far from over

And the pro-democracy movement has proven resilient.
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The Latest: Shin Bet chief vows to catch violent Arabs, Jews

The head of Israel’s Shin Bet says the service won’t tolerate ethnic violence “by Arabs nor by Jews” after nightly clashes this week in some of the country’s cities
  • 4 minutes ago

UN envoy asks Thai leader's aid in ending crisis in Myanmar

The United Nations’ special envoy on Myanmar has met with Thailand’s prime minister as she continues efforts to end violence in Myanmar sparked by a military takeover in February
  • 7 minutes ago

Palestinians flee as Israeli artillery pounds northern Gaza

Palestinian families grabbed their children and belongings and fled neighborhoods on the outskirts of Gaza City as Israel unleashed heavy artillery fire and airstrikes, killing a family of 6 in their home
  • 32 minutes ago

Afghan police say Kabul mosque bombing kills 12 worshipers

Afghan police say a bomb ripped through a mosque in northern Kabul during Friday prayers, killing 12 worshippers
  • 41 minutes ago

UK pushing ahead with plans for in person COP26

The U.K. official leading preparations for the COP26 climate conference reiterated Thursday the intention to host the delayed summit in person amid the coronavirus pandemic
  • 44 minutes ago
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