Meng Wanzhou’s arrest has roiled markets and is at risk of devolving into a broader political dispute.
After weeks of violence, the French president acknowledged the anger driving the demonstrations.
A Yemeni mother holds her child as they wait in a medical center in western Yemen in November. (AFP/Getty Images)
A Yemeni mother holds her child as they wait in a medical center in western Yemen in November. (AFP/Getty Images)
A report on the hunger crisis is released as U.S. lawmakers step up criticism of military support for the Saudi-led coalition battling rebels.

Laughter and protests greeted the United States’ embrace of continued fossil fuel production as global temperatures continue to rise.

The largest jump was recorded at U.S. ports of entry, where long lines of asylum seekers have formed.

Will Brexit be stopped? Is May’s deal doomed? Britain’s crisis, explained.

Let's start at the beginning.

‘Your daughter was supposed to be safe here’: New Zealand leader grieves for slain tourist

New Zealand was the second leg of Grace Millane's overseas adventure. Police found her body in a remote section of rain forest.

The cultural anxiety fueling France’s protests, Brexit and Trump

There's an atmosphere of uncertainty and crisis looming over Western societies.

What do most U.N. ambassadors have in common? Decades of experience.

“We have never had anyone remotely as underqualified as Heather Nauert,” Daniel Benjamin, a State Department counterterrorism official during the Obama administration, wrote on Twitter.

The prime minister addressed the House of Commons as the pound sterling plummeted.

The country's police and security forces are underequipped and underpaid. So civilians are stepping in.

The decision fueled demands for a new Brexit referendum a day ahead of a crucial vote.

James J. Grazioplene retired from the Army in 2005 and lives in Northern Virginia.

Carlos Ghosn’s American aide, Greg Kelly, and Nissan itself were also charged in the case.

The new rules tightening cybersecurity do not mention the Chinese companies by name, but Beijing is already protesting.

With some of the worst gender indicators in sub-Saharan Africa, Ethiopia’s nascent feminist movement struggles for change.

“In life, as a rule, one should never rule anything out,” Kabila said in an interview Sunday.

With Parliament set to vote on the prime minister’s plan to leave the European Union, protesters mounted a “Brexit Betrayal” demonstration, demonizing May for her compromise. A larger crowd of counterprotesters also rallied, some calling for a second referendum.

The country becomes the latest to be roiled by a nonbinding migration agreement.

Moon Jae-in’s economic reform agenda fades as he shifts his energy to reach out to North Korea.

The rival governments will open the militarized border in Punjab for pilgrims to visit a holy site on the Pakistani side.

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French President Emmanuel Macron responds to weeks of disruptive protests, promises to speed up tax relief and to boost the purchasing power of struggling workers

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The U.N. humanitarian chief says 20 million people in Yemen are hungry - a 15 percent increase from last year - and he says that for the first time, 250,000 face “catastrophe,” which means starvation, death and destitution.

  • Edith M. Lederer | AP
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Puerto Rico’s power company says it plans to hire private firms to repair some 106,000 streetlights across the U.S. territory that remain in the dark more than a year after Hurricane Maria

  • Associated Press
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Italy’s interior minister is defending a new government-backed law eliminating the category of “humanitarian protection” for migrants, saying it will actually provide more protections to real refugees

  • Associated Press
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Voters in Peru have sent a decisive message to the nation’s politicians: Push through measures to stamp out corruption

  • Associated Press
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Nobel Peace Prize winner Nadia Murad says that the only prize that can restore dignity of sexual violence victims is justice

  • David Keyton and Jim Heintz | AP
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