(Lorenzo Tugnoli/FTWP)
(Lorenzo Tugnoli/FTWP)

Afghan family ravaged by U.S. drone strike mistake wants headstones for the dead — and possible new life in America

The U.S. apology was welcomed. But they want someone held accountable for the attack that claimed 10 lives.

As France escalated its submarine dispute, it decided to go a bit lighter on Britain. Here’s why.

France may see Britain as a something of a junior partner in the deal.

How an intelligence officer’s disappearance in Somalia has ripped the government apart

The political battles risk turning into a security one and could strengthen the hand of al-Shabab militants.

Why the French are so furious at the Biden administration over a derailed submarine deal

The French diplomatic response has been unusual in its public bluntness.

Pakistan calls for engagement with Taliban as West highlights concerns of abuse

Pakistani officials fear cross-border chaos if Afghanistan collapses.

Boring? That may not be a bad thing in the race to succeed Germany’s Angela Merkel.

Olaf Scholz of the left-leaning Social Democrats is channeling Merkel’s style before Sept. 26 elections.

In Japan's anime universe, ‘Belle’ seeks to rewrite script on female power

“Belle,” which will be part of the New York Film Festival, has become a hit for challenging stereotypes.

Biden administration to ramp up deportation flights to Haiti, aiming to deter mass migration into Texas

More than 13,000 migrants have arrived at a crude border camp under a highway bridge in Del Rio, Tex.

Antony Hewish, astronomer who won Nobel Prize for the discovery of pulsars, dies at 97

The discovery was a scientific breakthrough, although his Nobel was controversial. Some said at least a share of the prize should have gone to one of his graduate students.

Abdelaziz Bouteflika, Algeria’s former surveillance-state strongman, dies at 84

Maneuvering through coups, conflicts and political intrigue, he helped end a civil war and was the longest-ruling leader of Africa’s largest country.
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Taliban reopens high school for boys, but makes no mention of female students

“All middle and high schools and madrassas should begin teaching from tomorrow, Saturday,” the announcement read. “All male students and male teachers must be present at their schools.”

As an Afghan newspaper struggles to survive, a brutal beating — and a Taliban apology

The Etilaatroz daily, one of Afghanistan’s few remaining critical outlets, is facing financial problems and concerns over its security and future.

French scientist who promoted one of Trump’s favorite coronavirus cures set to be replaced

Didier Raoult has continued to champion hydroxychloroquine and has become a hero to the anti-vaccine movement.

Afghan chaos leads to resignations and reshuffling — in Europe, but not in Washington

Two Dutch ministers resigned this week after criticism of their role in evacuation efforts.

Prince Philip's will can be kept secret for 90 years, U.K. court rules

The judge said the move would help protect the “dignity” of the queen.

So you want to drive to Canada?

A covid-cautious destination reopens its land border — and offers plenty to do and eat outdoors.

Police must treat ‘epidemic of violence’ against women as seriously as terrorism, U.K. watchdog says

The report was commissioned in the wake of the murder of a woman that stirred a national outcry.

Biden’s submarine accord with Australia angers both France and China

Paris was so upset about the decision, which scuttled a French-Australian deal, it called off a gala commemorating France’s naval assistance in the Revolutionary War.

Trudeau rolled the dice on a snap election. Canadian voters will decide whether his gamble pays off.

When he called the early vote, the prime minister bet voters would reward his handling of the pandemic with a majority. It's been a bumpier ride than he might have expected.
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The barbecue king: British royals praise Philip's deft touch

When Prince Philip died nearly six months ago at 99, the tributes poured in from far and wide, praising him for his supportive role at the side of Queen Elizabeth II over her near 70-year reign
  • 1 hour ago

'A big gray elephant': Paris' Arc de Triomphe is wrapped up

The city of Paris is unveiling a monumental artwork built around an actual monument: the Arc de Triomphe completely wrapped in silver and blue fabric
  • 2 hours ago

Latin American leaders divided on OAS at regional meeting

Mexican President Andrés Manuel López Obrador wants to leave questions of human rights and democracy to the United Nations, as part of his continuing criticisms of the Organization of American States
  • 2 hours ago

Yemen Houthi rebels execute 9 over senior official's killing

Yemen’s Houthi rebels say they have executed nine people for their alleged involvement in the killing of a senior Houthi official in an airstrike by the Saudi-led coalition more than three years ago
  • 3 hours ago

Taliban replace ministry for women with 'virtue' authorities

Afghanistan’s new Taliban rulers have set up a ministry for the “propagation of virtue and the prevention of vice” in the building that once housed the Women’s Affairs Ministry
  • 4 hours ago
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