In first debate between Johnson and Corbyn, questions of trust dominate

What was most notable in the first debate between Prime Minister Boris Johnson and Labour Leader Jeremy Corbyn, his challenger in the Dec. 12 election, were the sharp, aggressive questions from the audience for both men.
An Israeli excavator demolishes Palestinian houses near al-Arub camp on the outskirts of the West Bank town of Hebron on Tuesday. (Hazem Bader/Getty Images)
An Israeli excavator demolishes Palestinian houses near al-Arub camp on the outskirts of the West Bank town of Hebron on Tuesday. (Hazem Bader/Getty Images)

Israeli settlers celebrate Trump’s policy shift in their direction

For many living in Israel's settlements, the news from Washington was a welcome relief from the drumbeat of condemnation from the international community.

Handful of protesters holds out at Hong Kong university after mass arrests

Hundreds of protesters were arrested and hundreds more injured in heavy clashes at a Hong Kong university as the situation reached a climax.
  • 10 hours ago

More than 100 protesters are feared killed in Iran crackdown, Amnesty International says

The demonstrations began Friday following a government decree to cut fuel subsidies and ration supplies.

Organizations distance themselves from Prince Andrew after interview

After defending his friendship with convicted sex offender Jeffrey Epstein, students, charities and businesses are reviewing their associations.
Several mothers launched a hunger strike seeking release of their jailed children. A pro-government mob struck back.
The president’s hold on aid did not seriously disrupt Ukraine’s military. But it brought worries about the overall U.S. partnership.
The swap was intended to be a goodwill gesture that would help restart peace talks.
The 6 billion euro flood barrier project has been plagued by delays, cost overruns and corruption.
U.S. Customs and Border Protection says it only displays framed photos of confirmed or elected leaders, so Trump’s affinity for acting chiefs means the president’s will stand alone.
The Swedish prosecutor said evidence had weakened with the passage of time.
The instructor at American University of Afghanistan was kidnapped in 2016 and released Tuesday.
Amid mounting global concern about climate change, Denmark has turned into a buzzing hive of green experimentation.
Can a piglet be a plaintiff? Germany's highest constitutional court will have to decide.
“I’ve never had to reach into my wallet for anything other than my health-care card,” says an Alberta cancer survivor.
The Trump administration is pressing Seoul to pay sharply more, but those demands are triggering protests on the peninsula.
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Angry protests at home and in neighboring Iraq reveal a regime and political order under pressure.
The U.N.-backed government is seeking international assistance as it cites growing involvement of Russian mercenaries in the battle for Tripoli.
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Chilean police are suspending the broad use of pellet guns that have wounded thousands during protests and left more than 200 people without sight in one eye
  • 3 minutes ago
Bolivian police and soldiers have escorted gasoline tankers from a major fuel plant that had been blockaded for five days by supporters of former President Evo Morales
  • 7 minutes ago
Impeachment hearings takeaways: Firsthand witnesses recount listening to the phone call between Trump and Ukraine’s president
  • 25 minutes ago

Pope Francis will start his visit to Japan in Nagasaki, where Christianity took root in the country and which remains steeped blood-soaked symbolism, both religious and political
  • 34 minutes ago
A strong earthquake has rattled central Argentina, though authorities say there are no immediate reports of injuries or damage
  • 35 minutes ago
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