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Baghdad’s revolutionaries build a beach

The new beach is just one of several ways in which Iraq’s uprising has changed the face of the city center. Nearby, Tahrir Square been has transformed from a busy traffic circle to a protest camp.

Swedish bookseller who sold critical titles about Xi Jinping is jailed for 10 years in China

Advocates say the case against Gui Minhai, who was kidnapped in 2015 and later emerged in Chinese custody, was politically motivated.

Toll rises to 22 in Delhi violence as Modi issues plea for calm

Mobs of Hindus and Muslims clashed on roads and alleyways, throwing stones and crude gasoline bombs. Witnesses said Indian police joined crowds shouting Hindu nationalist slogans and fired indiscriminately.
Stocks fell in Europe as investors worried over the epidemic’s risks to the world economy. The Dow Jones industrial average was up 300 points shortly after open.
The virus has appeared in multiple Iranian cities, and infections in five Middle Eastern nations have been traced back to Iran.
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U.S. and Israeli officials started mapping out potential areas of the West Bank for annexation just days before a third general election in less than a year.
Italy has one of the world’s highest concentrations of people over 65. That makes its coronavirus battle far more complicated.
While the autocrat was remembered for his repression, there was also nostalgia, since the current regime is widely considered even more repressive.
Ginsburg, writing dissent for liberal colleagues, says there is “no good reason why Hernández’s parents should face a closed courtroom door.”
At least 13 people were killed in Delhi on Monday and Tuesday when clashes broke out between Hindus and Muslims in the northeastern part of the city.
The clampdowns adopted by China are not on the menu in South Korea or Japan.
Mubarak, 91, had kept a tight grip on his country through three decades of repression, corruption and cronyism, only to be deposed by the military after massive street protests.
The death of its leader Qasim al-Rimi in a U.S. drone strike further weakened the group’s Yemen branch, but it has bounced back before.
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A U.N. study warns that at least a third of the country is suffering malnutrition.
U.S. health officials warned Americans to avoid all nonessential travel to South Korea as the country grappled with a wave of new infections.
The president and his family made stops in Ahmedabad and Agra before traveling to New Delhi.
Those who flee the clampdown on pro-democracy protests don’t know who they can trust in Taipei, raising pressure on the government to formalize protections.
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The world powers that remain party to the nuclear deal with Iran expressed “serious concerns” about Tehran’s violations of the pact at a meeting in Vienna, while acknowledging that time was running out to find a way to salvage it
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Thailand’s normally docile students are holding rallies around the country to express their discontent with the established political order
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South Africa has announced an additional $3.5 billion in government spending for struggling state-owned power utility Eskom and national carrier South African Airways over the next three years
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Brazil’s government has confirmed the first case of the new coronavirus in Latin America
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Philippine President Rodrigo Duterte says Filipino forces can fight insurgents and Muslim extremists without American military help, in a defense of his recent decision to terminate a U.S. security pact
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