Israel struggles to form a government, even after sides agree to join forces

No breakthrough exists more than a week after Benny Gantz and Benjamin Netanyahu announced a power partnership.

The U.K. vowed a national effort to produce ventilators. Is it working?

Many fear that ramping up production and purchases from abroad may come too late to handle a spike in infections.
A person prays in front of a gravestone two days before Tomb-Sweeping Day at Shimenfeng Cemetery in 2011 in Wuhan, China. (VCG/Getty Images)
A person prays in front of a gravestone two days before Tomb-Sweeping Day at Shimenfeng Cemetery in 2011 in Wuhan, China. (VCG/Getty Images)

Chinese families should be sweeping graves. But thousands still haven’t buried their dead.

China’s coronavirus death toll appears far higher than its official tally. Authorities are curtailing memorial services, denying many a proper chance to mourn their loved ones.
With debate unfolding over the full scope of the coronavirus pandemic, Australia’s chief doctor said the global death toll was probably five to 10 times higher than official figures indicated, and China warned of the risk of a resurgence in domestic cases.
There’s been bitter infighting over medical supplies and the economic response.
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From hospitals to farmlands, migrants are providing vital labor to keep societies afloat
Since the coronavirus outbreak began in China, new cases have been confirmed in more than 100 countries, with thousands of cases reported in South Korea, Italy and Iran and hundreds in the United States.
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The ship, carrying 1,020 guests and 878 crew, expects to reach Fort Lauderdale by Saturday.
The uncertainty appears to be over for more than 1,200 passengers — some of whom are sick with covid-19 — on two Holland America ships that have been waiting for permission to dock in Florida.
Vacationers left port before the pandemic struck, then found themselves in uncharted waters.
From a restricted Italy, an artist’s eye on the deadly coronavirus outbreak
The decision by the Sindh High Court will be appealed to the country’s Supreme Court, and all suspects will remain in custody.
The Mossad is securing medical supplies from undisclosed locations abroad, officials say.
Members of Tablighi Jamaat unwittingly spread the virus across the country.
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As other countries limit tests, Iceland has undertaken an ambitious model to test anyone who is willing.
Vice President Pence issued a dire prediction of the spread of the coronavirus, comparing its potential impact in the United States to Italy.
The Brooklyn House has the second-highest number of confirmed covid-19 cases of any federal detention facility.
The world’s biggest cargo plane, Russia’s Antonov-124, carried boxes of medical supplies to the United States.
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Prince Charles remotely opened Friday the new Nightingale Hospital at London’s main exhibition and conference center, a temporary facility that will soon be able to treat 4,000 people who have contracted the COVID-19 disease
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Israeli officials say they are working with foreign governments and Orthodox Christian leaders to make sure that one of their most ancient and mysterious rituals — the Holy Fire ceremony — is not extinguished by the coronavirus outbreak
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A Japanese court has rejected a request by a former brokerage manager to get his job back after he took paternity leave at Mitsubishi UFJ Morgan Stanley
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The governor of Tokyo is talking about the possibility of using the under-construction Olympic Athletes Village as a temporary hospital for coronavirus patients
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Mosques were allowed to remain open in Pakistan on Friday, when Muslims gather for weekly prayers, even as the coronavirus pandemic spread and much of the country had shut down
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