India passes controversial citizenship law excluding Muslim migrants

The move deepens concerns that a country founded on secular ideals is becoming a Hindu state that treats Muslims as second-class citizens.
(Koen Van Weel/Getty Images)
(Koen Van Weel/Getty Images)

Aung San Suu Kyi, former democracy icon, defends Myanmar against genocide allegations

Suu Kyi pointed to the role of Muslim militants in sparking the crisis and said the conflict was a domestic matter for her country to resolve.

In final days of campaign, Johnson tries to crack Labour’s ‘red wall’

Conservatives hope Prime Minister Boris Johnson’s gung-ho Brexit plans and his populist appeals, alongside promises to boost spending on cops and nurses, will woo Labour supporters who want to leave the European Union, as promised.

CDC sends experts to fight measles outbreaks in Pacific islands neighboring Samoa

Health officials are concerned that Samoa’s outbreak could heighten the spread of measles in neighboring islands.
A leading New Zealand doctor said Wednesday the skin would be sent from the United States.
“How do you respond to the fact that basically nothing is being done about this without feeling the slightest bit of anger?” the 16-year-old asked world leaders in Spain.
“I’ll be with you in a second,” Johnson promised before turning his back on the crowd and walking directly into an over-sized refrigerator.
The Saudi Arabian Oil Company started selling shares on the Saudi Stock Exchange in Riyadh, giving the company the largest market value in the world.
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Some lack windows and tires. Some are covered in sheets, like corpses.
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It's not just Britain's voters who face a vote they'd rather not have.
Secretary of State Mike Pompeo and Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov clashed during a news conference at the State Department before a White House meeting.
“I hope this becomes an eye-opener to the American people and that the U.S. government begins to change its attitude now toward Afghanistan,” the former president told the Associated Press.
The men are being held in what a crisis group calls “deplorable” conditions while the Chinese executive in Canada lives in luxury.
There were 47 people — many from a Royal Caribbean ship — on White Island when it erupted.
The flight took off at 4:55 p.m. local time Monday and lost contact shortly after 6 p.m.
Genaro Garcia Luna once led the federal police. He has denied helping the Sinaloa cartel.
As UNESCO meets this week to discuss its world heritage listings, here's a look back at some other past controversies.
The 42-year-old gunman shot people at close range with what police said was an illegal 9mm handgun.
U.S. presidents tend to retire from politics after their terms end, but former British prime ministers can linger.
The White House agreed to labor concessions in its bid to update the 25-year-old NAFTA.
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International donors and supporters of Lebanon are meeting in France to consider measures to help the small Mediterranean country
  • 11 minutes ago
Italy is calling for an international donors’ conference to raise funds for Albania following last month’s earthquake that flattened buildings and killed 51 people
  • 21 minutes ago
The Trump administration is hitting several Iranian transport firms with sanctions as it continues its “maximum pressure campaign” against the Islamic Republic over its nuclear and ballistic missile programs. The sanctions target Iran’s state shipping line and a China-based company that has been involved in delivering missile parts to Iran
  • 1 hour ago

Indian lawmakers pass bill giving citizenship to non-Muslims who migrated from Pakistan, Bangladesh and Afghanistan
  • 1 hour ago
A German court has decided that a 91-year-old neo-Nazi serving a two-year sentence for Holocaust denial shouldn’t be released early
  • 1 hour ago
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