A woman lowers a basket where people can donate or take free food in Milan on April 9. (Reuters)
A woman lowers a basket where people can donate or take free food in Milan on April 9. (Reuters)

E.U. strikes deal to help hardest-hit countries, as strain of coronavirus threatens to fracture the bloc

Italy, Spain and other member nations had complained that stronger counterparts were slow to respond.

Among the most vulnerable to coronavirus: The tens of millions who carry HIV and tuberculosis

Covid-19 will affect carriers of HIV and tuberculosis disproportionately, and border closures and crowded hospitals may make getting treatment harder.
Officials around the world and in the United States expressed cautious optimism of progress against the pandemic, though some reports predicted dire economic consequences.
Since the coronavirus outbreak began in China, new cases have been confirmed in more than 100 countries, with thousands of cases reported in South Korea, Italy and Iran and hundreds in the United States.
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Decision helps clear way for sale of light armored vehicles that has been pending since 2014.
The trauma of the pandemic left Italian comic illustrator Milo Manara unable to work. Then he found his inspiration: A cop, a cashier, a doctor and other women on the job during the coronavirus fight.
Stories from four continents: Toronto, Tbilisi, Sao Paulo and Sydney.
After two months of confinement, Lydia Chen emerges to a new reality and some of the same fears.
The island’s government, locked out of the U.N. agency by the “one China” policy, says Tedros faces legitimate criticism for his handling of the coronavirus crisis.
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For China's few independent-minded outlets, aggressive coronavirus coverage could come at a price.
In the United States, signs of optimism that the virus's spread was flattening contrasted with rising death tolls, opposing messages about social-distancing orders, and political frustration.
Yemen’s health system, devastated by more than five years of civil war, would be overwhelmed by the spread of the virus, aid workers say.
Food protectionism has led to catastrophe before. The U.N. fears it could again.
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A new report charges that Syria used chemical weapons after claiming it gave up its stockpile.
Britain hasn’t seen such a surge of volunteers since World War II.
Months after he died, people are still writing to Li Wenliang’s social media account.
In some places, health care workers get ovations. In others, they’re kicked off buses, evicted from homes, doused with chlorine.
The prisoners freed Wednesday were chosen “based on their health condition, age and length of remaining sentence,” and did not include 15 senior fighters whose release the Taliban had demanded.
Fed up with relying on Chinese imports and donations, a governor decided to produce her own.
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Residents of Wuhan are cautiously returning to shopping and strolling in the streets of the city where the coronavirus pandemic began
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The United Nations secretary-general is warning that the coronavirus pandemic is threatening international peace and security
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Rio de Janeiro’s stately Copacabana Palace hotel is closing its doors Friday for the first time since its inauguration 96 years ago as a result of the coronavirus pandemic
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European finance ministers have agreed on more than a half-trillion euros, or $550 billion, of support programs to cushion the recession caused by the virus outbreak
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The United Nations secretary-general is warning that the coronavirus pandemic is deepening already existing inequalities and “is having devastating social and economic consequences for women and girls.”
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