The evangelical church of Bourtzwiller in Mulhouse, France, was at the center of a cluster of coronavirus cases in the region. (Jean-Francois Badias/AP)
The evangelical church of Bourtzwiller in Mulhouse, France, was at the center of a cluster of coronavirus cases in the region. (Jean-Francois Badias/AP)

How a prayer meeting at a French megachurch may have led to scores of deaths

France’s health minister calls the Mulhouse gathering the “tipping point” in the country’s coronavirus epidemic.
Vice President Pence issued a dire prediction of the spread of the coronavirus, comparing its potential impact in the United States to Italy.
The Brooklyn House has the second-highest number of confirmed covid-19 cases of any federal detention facility.
How one small village on the Gambia-Senegal border is grappling with the travel ban fallout.
“We are asking these people to isolate themselves with their perpetrator, which cuts them off from any support system they have,” said one advocate.
The commander of U.S. Forces Korea called the decision to furlough 4,000 South Koreans “heartbreaking.”
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If I did have covid-19, the doctors treating me were likely exposed, and friends who came to see me in the weeks following could have contracted and spread it, too.
Americans told to brace for 200,000 coronavirus deaths as world leaders push pandemic response further.
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In a time of crisis, major European countries are at loggerheads over how to send out the rescue boats.
Farmers fear coronavirus issues mean there will be no one to work in their fields.
From a restricted Italy, an artist’s eye on the deadly coronavirus outbreak
Pompeo offers sanctions relief for transitional government, departure of Cuban security personnel, and free and fair elections.
Covid-19 has killed one in Kenya. Police have killed two and injured dozens enforcing a curfew.
The insular religious communities have resisted restrictions and emerged as covid-19 hotspots.
The pandemic is exacerbating deep-seated inequities. That makes indigenous peoples particularly vulnerable.
London’s could be staffed by flight attendants.
The coronavirus pandemic has wrought logistical nightmares and disrupted one of the faith’s most cherished traditions.
Businesses that recently resumed operations have been told to close again as the country weighs an economic reboot against the risk of new infections.
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Rukmani Sharma, 71, fears getting sick from the coronavirus but as a devout Hindu, she also fears for her soul because she won’t be allowed to go to temple in Lucknow, India April 2 to celebrate the birthday of the Hindu god Ram
  • 16 minutes ago
President Donald Trump is warning Tehran that it should expect a bold U.S. response if Iran or Iranian-backed forces attack Americans in Iraq
  • 1 hour ago
El Salvador’s once-startling homicide numbers have fallen  again, and some experts say the lock-down for the coronavirus pandemic may be playing a role
  • 3 hours ago

The United Nations’ global climate summit is being postponed because of the coronavirus pandemic
  • 3 hours ago
The Santa Teresa distillery in Venezuela has lifted spirits for generations with its amber-red rum, famous around the world for being slowly sipped over ice or mixed into cocktails like the Cuba Libre
  • 4 hours ago
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