Coronavirus pushes limits of Russia’s surveillance

Moscow held back on requiring digital bar codes to leave home, but other regions are pushing ahead with mobile tracking.

Journalists threatened as countries restrict coronavirus coverage

Governments on multiple continents are exploiting epidemic concerns to limit press freedom, especially when official accounts are challenged.

Queen Elizabeth reassures Britons. The health secretary begs them to stop sunbathing.

The prime minister, diagnosed last month with covid-19, has been leading cabinet meetings by teleconference and posting video messages from his flat.
Covid-19 deaths across the U.S. pushed past 9,200 — more than triple the toll of the Sept. 11, 2001, terrorist attacks. Experts say the true count is certainly higher.
A rigid work culture and a technological blind spot leave Japan unprepared for the challenge of remote working.
The depictions convey the confusion, longing and abandonment many feel after crossing to the other side.
A Washington Post investigation uncovered alarm and dismay among scientists at health labs about the Trump administration’s reliance on a flawed coronavirus test developed by the CDC, which was used for weeks as the virus began to spread across the United States.
German officials even accused the U.S. of piracy over a shipment of masks officials claimed was diverted to the U.S. in Thailand.
Starmer takes the helm of Labour in a political landscape deeply changed by the fight against covid-19.
The pandemic is slamming the brakes on dreams of social change. Some movements are getting creative.
Millions face a special risk in Africa, the Middle East and eastern Europe.
With debate unfolding over the full scope of the coronavirus pandemic, Australia’s chief doctor said the global death toll was probably five to 10 times higher than official figures indicated, and China warned of the risk of a resurgence in domestic cases.
Since the coronavirus outbreak began in China, new cases have been confirmed in more than 100 countries, with thousands of cases reported in South Korea, Italy and Iran and hundreds in the United States.
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China’s coronavirus death toll appears far higher than its official tally. Authorities are curtailing memorial services, denying many a proper chance to mourn loved ones.
Officials ask manufacturers to reserve more supplies for domestic use. The makers say it’s not so easy.
In India and Pakistan, the devout pushed back on the curtailing of Friday prayers.
The mood has darkened since Italians were singing from their balconies.
The overwhelmed health system in Ecuador’s largest city could be a harbinger of worse to come in the developing world.
No breakthrough has been reached more than a week after Benjamin Netanyahu and Benny Gantz announced a power partnership.
There’s been bitter infighting over medical supplies and the economic response.
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The ACLU says it it is seeking an injunction to block part of Puerto Rico’s strict curfew against the new coronavirus, arguing that some of its restrictions are unconstitutional
  • 3 hours ago
A Canadian premier of a province that sheltered thousands of stranded American airline passengers after the 9/11 attacks is questioning the humanity of U.S. President Donald Trump after Trump banned the export of N95 protective masks to Canada
  • 3 hours ago
Defense Secretary Mark Esper is defending the firing of a Navy captain who sought help for sailors on his aircraft carrier amid a growing coronavirus outbreak as a case of holding leaders “accountable.”
  • 4 hours ago

The Taliban say their peace deal with the United States was nearing a breaking point
  • 4 hours ago
A valley dam that authorities in Rwanda say could contain about 30,000 bodies has been discovered more than a quarter-century after the country’s genocide in which 800,000 people were killed
  • 9 hours ago
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