Six protesters hold hands as they leave the Hong Kong Polytechnic University before surrendering to police early Friday. (Dale De La Rey/AFP/Getty Images)
Six protesters hold hands as they leave the Hong Kong Polytechnic University before surrendering to police early Friday. (Dale De La Rey/AFP/Getty Images)

Hong Kong protesters trickle out from besieged campus as city prepares for elections

Sunday’s district council vote looms as a test of support for the pro-democracy movement after months of anti-government unrest.

Bei Bei, Washington’s homegrown panda, returns to his ancestral roots.

For his first meal in China — breakfast on Thursday morning, although with his jet lag he might have thought it was dinner on Wednesday night — Bei Bei found the local bamboo to his taste.

India is the best place in the world to have a smartphone. That’s about to change.

Telecom companies reeling from bruising competition are planning to raise prices.

Argentine prosecutors seek abuse-related arrest of bishop who worked with Pope Francis

Bishop Gustavo Zanchetta is reported to have gone dark inside Vatican City.
(The Associated Press)
(The Associated Press)

In Iran, ‘rage is escalating’ as economic stress reaches new level

Protests have flared in many of the areas that saw unrest two years ago, but a wider spectrum of society may be joining in, analysts say.
He blocked North Macedonia and Albania and now wants to change the rules.
The American rapper, convicted of assault by a Swedish court, is set to return to Stockholm for a concert in mid-December.
Seoul made a last-minute decision to maintain the pact for the time being after Washington weighed in.
Not only is a close Trump ally in legal jeopardy, but Netanyahu's situation also echoes that of the American president.
Homeland Security had said they stopped releasing families, but they didn’t, officials said, and smugglers figured it out.
The statement is the latest move to block military moves to discipline those in the ranks.
Chilean police asserted the driver has no connection to law enforcement, but some online were skeptical.
Israel's embattled prime minister was formally indicted Thursday, after months of speculation.
Students, unions, indigenous groups and leftists share rising anger against President Iván Duque.
After a nearly three-year investigation, Israel’s attorney general brought charges as Netanyahu clings to power in a political stalemate.
Protesters in the Asian financial center called for the U.S. president to sign a bill designed to safeguard the territory’s freedoms.
The U.S. isn't alone: Catch up on Israel, Britain, Bolivia, Hong Kong, Sri Lanka, Algeria and Afghanistan.
Caviar, a matcha latte or a $250 bottle of Grand Cru? All were on the menu at a key site referenced in the impeachment hearings.
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For much of the week, Iran’s Internet connectivity was at 5 percent of usual levels.
From Prince Charles's “whatever in love means” comment to Princess Diana's “there were three of us in this marriage.” The monarchy is no stranger to explosive interviews.
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Dog befriends baby giraffe after it was abandoned in South Africa
  • 5 minutes ago
13 more bodies of soldiers found in Mali days after extremist attack that killed at least 30
  • 19 minutes ago
The mayor of an eastern German town says she is resigning after receiving repeated threats from the far right
  • 21 minutes ago

Trump says he doesn’t expect to be impeached, claiming Democrats have ‘absolutely nothing’ incriminating, despite days of public testimony by witnesses who said Trump withheld aid from Ukraine to press the country to investigate his political rivals
  • 44 minutes ago
Many thousands of Algerians have taken to the capital’s streets to mark the 40th consecutive Friday of vociferous protests against the North African nation’s leadership amid their fears that next month’s presidential poll will be rigged
  • 57 minutes ago
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