Trump says he might veto bill protecting human rights in Hong Kong to boost China trade deal

The vetoproof majorities indicate that Congress could overrule President Trump if he tries to block the bill from becoming law.
People wait outside a bank branch in Beirut on Nov. 19. Lebanese have long used dollars and local pounds interchangeably to pay for nearly everything. (AFP/Getty Images)
People wait outside a bank branch in Beirut on Nov. 19. Lebanese have long used dollars and local pounds interchangeably to pay for nearly everything. (AFP/Getty Images)

With dollars running low in Lebanon, ATMs are spitting back bank cards, and locals are panicking

The dollar shortage is reverberating across the economy, suppressing consumer demand and driving up costs for Lebanon’s all-important service sector.

Merkel’s preferred heir survives an effort to oust her, but Germany’s ruling party remains in crisis

Annegret Kramp-Karrenbauer rallies to stay at the helm of the Christian Democrats even as voters abandon ship.

U.K. voters want Jeremy Corbyn’s ‘radical’ change. They’re not sure they want him.

The Labour Party leader is one of Britain’s least popular politicians.

Mexican sculpture of baby Jesus spurs debate over whether it looks like Phil Collins or Nicholas Cage

Against all odds, the 22-foot statue caught the world's attention and sparked fierce arguments.
Tucson was one of the last major areas on the southern border that has not been diverting asylum seekers to Mexico to await their immigration court hearings.
Temperatures dip and children get sick. Fearful parents are pushing them into U.S. custody and hoping for the best.
Netanyahu’s legal troubles could last four more years. Meanwhile, he’s not obligated to leave office (for now).
If Trump is upset foreign nations didn’t want him to win the election, he can make a long list of enemies.
Trump’s anger at the impeachment inquiry has plugged up Ukraine’s normal diplomatic channels to Washington.
We Build the Wall is bulldozing the banks of the Rio Grande in Texas as it builds a private border fence a few feet from the water’s edge.
He blocked North Macedonia and Albania and now wants to change the rules.
The American rapper, convicted of assault by a Swedish court, is set to return to Stockholm for a concert in mid-December.
The 4-year-old cub is adapting to the local food and language, his new keepers say.
Seoul made a last-minute decision to maintain the pact for the time being after Washington weighed in.
Protests have flared in many of the areas that saw unrest two years ago, but a wider spectrum of society may be joining in, analysts say.
Sunday’s district council vote looms as a test of support for the pro-democracy movement after months of anti-government unrest.
Not only is a close Trump ally in legal jeopardy, but Netanyahu's situation also echoes that of the American president.
Telecom companies reeling from bruising competition are planning to raise prices.
The statement is the latest move to block military moves to discipline those in the ranks.
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Relatives of a dozen people protesting inside a Nicaragua church say they and the parish priest have been evacuated after nine days surrounded by police
  • 15 minutes ago
As Brazil’s largest party gathers to plan the future, a figure that has dominated its past looms ever larger: Former President Luiz Inacio Lula da Silva
  • 18 minutes ago
Pope Francis will fulfill his dream to be a missionary in Japan when he arrives for a three-day visit with two main aims: to appeal for nuclear disarmament and minister to a tiny Catholic flock with a rich, bloody history
  • 29 minutes ago

Colombian President Iván Duque says his government will open a “national conversation” aimed at reaching an agreement on reforms following massive demonstrations that have paralyzed much of the capital city
  • 55 minutes ago
Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s indictment on corruption charges could foreshadow the fate of his good friend and political doppelganger, President Donald Trump
  • 1 hour ago
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