In first debate between Johnson and Corbyn, questions of trust dominate

What was most notable in the first debate between Prime Minister Boris Johnson and Labour Leader Jeremy Corbyn, his challenger in the Dec. 12 election, were the sharp, aggressive questions from the audience for both men.
An Israeli excavator demolishes Palestinian houses near al-Arub camp on the outskirts of the West Bank town of Hebron on Tuesday. (Hazem Bader/Getty Images)
An Israeli excavator demolishes Palestinian houses near al-Arub camp on the outskirts of the West Bank town of Hebron on Tuesday. (Hazem Bader/Getty Images)

Israeli settlers celebrate Trump’s policy shift in their direction

For many living in Israel's settlements, the news from Washington was a welcome relief from the drumbeat of condemnation from the international community.

Hong Kong protesters, police enter final phase of showdown as China slams U.S.

Inside the campus, some protesters braced for battle, wearing full body armor and carrying metal rods.
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Siege of Nicaragua’s Catholic cathedral eases as hunger strikers leave

Several mothers who had launched a hunger strike inside a Managua cathedral left the church, saying they feared violence by pro-government demonstrators.

Organizations distance themselves from Prince Andrew after interview

After defending his friendship with convicted sex offender Jeffrey Epstein, students, charities and businesses are reviewing their associations.
A war monitoring group reported 11 deaths, including Iranians.
The deaths bring to 19 the number of service members killed this year.
In the past two years, China has expanded its coal fleet by 43 gigawatts — roughly the entire coal-fired capacity of Germany.
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The administration's decision to accept the legality of Israeli settlements is "untethered from any strategy" and all about domestic politics, says a former U.S. diplomat.
A showdown at Hong Kong Polytechnic ended with the largest number of arrests and injuries on a single day since protests began five months ago.
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The president’s hold on aid did not seriously disrupt Ukraine’s military. But it brought worries about the overall U.S. partnership.
The swap was intended to be a goodwill gesture that would help restart peace talks.
The 6 billion euro flood barrier project has been plagued by delays, cost overruns and corruption.
The rights group cited what it said was verified video footage and witness testimony amid a nationwide Internet blackout.
U.S. Customs and Border Protection says it only displays framed photos of confirmed or elected leaders, so Trump’s affinity for acting chiefs means the president’s will stand alone.
The Swedish prosecutor said evidence had weakened with the passage of time.
The instructor at American University of Afghanistan was kidnapped in 2016 and released Tuesday.
Amid mounting global concern about climate change, Denmark has turned into a buzzing hive of green experimentation.
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Austrian authorities say the house where Adolf Hitler was born in 1889 will become a police precinct, ending years of uncertainty over the building that’s become a pilgrimage site for people who glorify the Nazi dictator
  • 10 minutes ago
A former employee of the British Consulate in Hong Kong says he was detained and tortured by Chinese secret police trying to extract information about massive anti-government protests in the territory
  • 15 minutes ago
U.S. Defense Secretary Mark Esper says the United States is providing Vietnam with a surplus American ship for its coast guard
  • 15 minutes ago

Thailand’s Constitutional Court has ruled that the maverick leader of a new political party that finished third in a general election in March violated election laws and cannot keep his seat in Parliament
  • 20 minutes ago
Iraqi security officials: At least 27 protesters wounded in renewed clashes overnight in central Baghdad
  • 23 minutes ago
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