A worker produces face masks in Kitui, Kenya. (Luis Tato/AFP/Getty Images)
A worker produces face masks in Kitui, Kenya. (Luis Tato/AFP/Getty Images)

The Kenyan factory that transformed into a surgical mask assembly line overnight

For 24-year-old Josephine Wambua, who never went to school, “To sit here and do something that is useful to the world is a dream.”

Watchdog links Syria to deadly nerve-agent attacks in 2017

A new report charges that Syria used chemical weapons after claiming it gave up its stockpile.

750,000 people volunteered to help Britain’s NHS. Now they’re being deployed.

Britain hasn’t seen such a surge in volunteers since World War II.
In the United States, signs of optimism that the virus's spread was flattening contrasted with rising death tolls, opposing messages about social-distancing orders, and political frustration.
Months after he died, people are still writing to Li Wenliang’s social media account.
In some places, health care workers get ovations. In others, they’re kicked off buses, evicted from homes, doused with chlorine.
The prisoners freed Wednesday were chosen “based on their health condition, age and length of remaining sentence,” and did not include 15 senior fighters whose release the Taliban had demanded.
British Prime Minister Boris Johnson was moved to intensive care after his coronavirus symptoms worsened.
Most of those executed come from the kingdom’s Shiite Muslim minority.
Chinese companies are reopening with tight rules for preventing second-wave coronavirus infections.
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The pandemic calls some of the signature initiatives of Trump’s "American First" foreign policy into question.
Ren Zhiqiang, who disappeared a month ago, had assailed the Communist Party’s ‘crisis of governance’ and its inflexible culture.
Since the coronavirus outbreak began in China, new cases have been confirmed in more than 100 countries, with thousands of cases reported in South Korea, Italy and Iran and hundreds in the United States.
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The Taliban and the Afghan government were negotiating the release of more than 100 prisoners, a step intended to pave the way for formal peace talks.
Germany has begun antibody lab tests, but scientists urge caution.
Raab is running the country while Boris Johnson is in intensive care with covid-19.
Struggling to breathe, the British prime minister has been receiving “oxygen treatment,” an official said.
Years after fleeing the collapsed socialist state, thousands are returning.
Experts warn it may already be too late, with the virus rampant in Tokyo and elsewhere.
The number of new coronavirus cases is starting to decline as the country pursues a policy of elimination rather than containment.
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Burying the dead from the coronavirus is proving to be an agonizing odyssey in the Ecuadorian city of Guayaquil, a sweltering metropolis of 2.6 million people and one of Latin America’s most infected population centers
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Kosovo’s acting prime minister has assured a European Union special envoy of his commitment to resume dialogue with neighboring Serbia on normalizing ties
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The European Union has been thrown into a scientific policy dispute at the height of the coronavirus crisis
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Health authorities in Thailand say more than half the people returning from a trip to a mass religious meeting in Indonesia were found to be infected with the COVID-19 virus
  • 3 hours ago
France’s defense ministry says the aircraft carrier Charles de Gaulle is heading back to port amid a possible on-board outbreak of the new coronavirus
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