Uighurs decry Chinese ‘concentration camps,’ ‘genocide’ after documents leaked

Government documents leaked to the New York Times revealed Chinese plans to detain millions of ethnic minorities in the Xinjiang region.

Out of jail, former president Lula wants Brazil back. But is the feeling mutual?

Brazil’s first working-class president is still idolized by some, but has nowhere near the popularity he once enjoyed.
An entertainer in Angeles City. (Francesco Brembati)
An "entertainer" in Angeles City. (Francesco Brembati)

In Philippine red-light district, an uphill struggle to battle trafficking and abuses

“Sex tourism” flourishes in the Philippines even as President Rodrigo Duterte wages a brutal war on drugs.
  • 4 hours ago
Fears are growing that Beijing may attempt a bloody intervention, as state media calls for police to fire on demonstrators holed up at Polytechnic University.
  • 16 minutes ago
The disease was contracted in China's Inner Mongolia, days after two other people from the same region were diagnosed with an even deadlier strain of the disease.
The world’s coral reefs are in dire shape due to climate change.
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An unprecedented leak reveals the Communist Party's ruthless plans for the Muslim minorities in Xinjiang.
As both sides escalated their weaponry, police warned they could use live rounds.
Patricia Anton, 63, was tied up and strangled by seven men, police said. They traveled to Puerto Plata to commit crimes “of such nature.”
  • 15 hours ago
Royal watchers described the BBC interview on his relationship with Epstein as ill-judged and excruciating.
Iran’s stuttering economy is beset by demonstrations over a 50 percent increase in fuel price.
The deal would have freed two professors for three Taliban-linked militants and may have helped restart U.S.-Taliban negotiations.
In suburban Virginia, an asylum claim for a Uighur woman and her family marks a possible test of U.S. policies on China.
Independent voices are being quashed all over Russia through court rulings, threats — and now document glitches.
North Korea said cancellation of the exercises would be seen as a positive gesture.
The episode, in which Sondland and Trump discussed the Ukrainian president’s commitment to politically charged investigations, will be scrutinized in the House impeachment inquiry.
In a BBC interview, Andrew said he has “no recollection” of the woman who accused him of having sex with her when she was 17.
The Israeli military also is investigating mistakes in an earlier attack that killed a Palestinian family.
The attack hit the Turkish-controlled town of al-Bab as the Turkish military seeks to impose a buffer zone in the region.
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Police in riot gear in the country of Georgia are trying to push thousands of demonstrators away from the parliament building in the capital on the second day of sizeable protests over the failure of promised election reforms
  • 9 minutes ago
France’s President Emmanuel Macron and Denmark’s Prime Minister Mette Frederiksen called for more unified EU rules for granting asylum and better protect the European external borders
  • 13 minutes ago
Cyprus’ president says Pope Francis has accepted his invitation to visit the east Mediterranean island next year
  • 33 minutes ago

Four Spanish men convicted earlier this year of raping a woman in a notorious case are standing trial on charges of sexual abuse in a separate incident
  • 48 minutes ago
The European Space Agency says putting astronauts into a state of suspended animation could make it easier to reach other planets
  • 1 hour ago
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