(Sarah Meyssonnier/Reuters)
(Sarah Meyssonnier/Reuters)

We’re still living in the age of Napoleon

"Napoleon was a harbinger of the modern world, with all its terrors and abuses, but also all its progress and possibilities."

Covid-19 live updates: Many hurdles remain before effort to ease vaccine patent protections could become international policy

As the vaccination pace wanes, leaders have turned to marketing strategies and audacious incentives to lure those who have not yet received their shots.

Here’s just how unequal the global coronavirus vaccine rollout has been

Rich countries have done a far better job of obtaining doses of covid-19 vaccines and administering them than lower-income ones.

An Australian mom was convicted of killing her 4 babies. Scientists say she’s innocent.

Ninety prominent scientists argue that genetics, not murder or manslaughter, may explain the deaths that haunted an Australian family.

Covid reached Everest base camp. Now climbers are trying to prevent its spread amid a record season.

Coronavirus cases are skyrocketing in Nepal, raising concerns about the safety of climbers and locals summiting the world’s tallest mountain.

Hopes surge for boosted vaccine supply after U.S. voices support for waiving patents, even as uncertainty remains

The United States announced support for a short-term waiver, infusing hope into global health efforts to ramp up coronavirus vaccine production.

What it means for the U.S. to back waivers on coronavirus vaccine patents

After months of deadlock, the United States has reversed course, coming out in favor of a proposal to waive intellectual property protections for coronavirus vaccines at the World Trade Organization.

Brazil shocked by warlike police raid that leaves 25 dead in Rio de Janeiro favela

Even in a city accustomed to extraordinary police violence, the death toll was stunning.

Germany lets the vaccinated have a bit more fun. Teens shut out from the jabs are not happy.

Having a vaccine lifts curfew rules and allows bigger gatherings. But many younger Germans have a long wait.

Why the world’s most vaccinated country is seeing an unprecedented spike in coronavirus cases

The Seychelles' situation is being watched closely for what it says about vaccination drives.

Europe's vaccine campaign is accelerating. It expects to match the U.S. by July.

The European Union has fixed some of its logistical problems and is relying heavily on production from Pfizer-BioNTech.

In an Indian city, obituaries reveal missing coronavirus deaths and untold suffering

India reported nearly 4,000 deaths Thursday, its deadliest day to date in the pandemic. The actual toll is likely to be considerably higher.

Vaccination of populist cleric Moqtada al-Sadr blow to Iraq’s vaccine hesitancy

The photo of the cleric getting vaccinated prompted hundreds to get doses of their own amid Iraq’s faltering immunization efforts.

Man’s barbecue binge sparks new virus curbs in Sydney after month without cases

A grill enthusiast roamed the city while infected, sparking concerns of wider outbreak.

Facebook’s battle with errant world leaders has only just begun

The Oversight Board's ruling on Trump is a warning for other world leaders.

Biden administration will support lifting vaccine patent protections

According to the World Health Organization, of the 832 million vaccine doses administered around the world by mid-April, just 0.2% were given in lower-income countries.

Italian jury convicts 2 Americans of murder, with a punishment of life in prison, in 2019 killing of police officer

Finnegan Lee Elder and Gabriel Natale-Hjorth had been on vacation in Rome at the time of the slaying.

Canada authorizes coronavirus vaccine for children ages 12 to 15

Canada has authorized the Pfizer-BioNTech vaccine for the age group; the United States is expected to follow next week.
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Top U.S., China and Russia diplomats to speak on cooperation

A Security Council meeting aimed at strengthening global cooperation and the role of the United Nations is expected to hear from the top American, Chinese and Russian diplomats as well as other ministers
  • 48 minutes ago

UN official reports undeclared Syrian chemical warfare agent

The U.N. disarmament chief has reported the discovery of an undeclared chemical warfare agent at a Syrian site to a Security Council meeting where the United States clashed with Russia over international findings that Syria has used chemical weapons
  • 1 hour ago

Survivor of subway crash reflects on decision to change cars

A decision to change cars to get closer to a station exit may have saved Erik Bravo, a financial adviser who survived the collapse of an elevated line in Mexico City’s subway system that killed 25 people
  • 2 hours ago

Police: Maldives Speaker Mohamed Nasheed injured in blast

Police say the Maldives’ first democratically elected president and current Parliament Speaker Mohamed Nasheed has been injured in a blast near his home
  • 3 hours ago

Palestinians, Israeli settlers scuffle in east Jerusalem

Palestinians and Israeli settlers have hurled rocks and chairs at each other in a tense east Jerusalem neighborhood
  • 5 hours ago
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