South Africa reels from mysterious deaths of at least 21 in nightclub

The youngest victim at the Enyobeni Tavern in the city of East London was 13, police said.

By Jennifer HassanJune 27, 2022

G-7 leaders seek price cap on Russian oil to ‘starve’ Putin’s war effort

Tensions have emerged among Group of Seven leaders, as French President Emmanuel Macron has argued that any price cap should include natural gas.

By Ashley Parker and Matt ViserJune 27, 2022

Russia defaults on foreign debt for first time since 1918: What to know

Western sanctions punishing Moscow for invading Ukraine have restricted its ability to pay overseas creditors.

By Rachel Pannett and Julian DuplainJune 27, 2022

Photos found near bombed-out Kyiv apartment tell a family’s story

We spent more than three months searching for the people in the photos. Then, finally, a clue.

By Siobhán O'Grady and Kostiantyn KhudovJune 27, 2022

The Supreme Court turns the U.S. into a cautionary tale

On reproductive rights, the United States is now moving against the tide.

By Ishaan TharoorJune 27, 2022

Bullfight stands collapse, causing deaths and scores of injuries

Video captures the moment when several tiers of the makeshift stands in El Espinal, Colombia, pitch forward into the bullring, trapping hundreds of spectators.

By Diana DuránJune 26, 2022

Russian missiles hit Kyiv, shattering the capital’s relative calm

The Sunday blasts hit a kindergarten playground and residential building in Kyiv, killing at least one — as Group of Seven nations leaders met in Germany for a summit.

By Siobhán O'Grady and Sammy WestfallJune 26, 2022

Strikes hit Kyiv; Biden says G-7 will ban Russian gold imports

A Russian missile hit a Kyiv apartment block, as Moscow's forces closed in on the eastern city of Lysychansk.

By Siobhán O'Grady, Matt Viser, Ashley Parker, Rachel Pannett, Julian Duplain, Annabelle Timsit, Kim Bellware and James BikalesJune 26, 2022

Biden: G-7 to ban Russian gold imports to deny Putin revenue for Ukraine war

Biden, in Germany for the G-7 summit, said gold is “a major export that rakes in tens of billions of dollars for Russia.”

By Matt Viser, Loveday Morris and Rick NoackJune 26, 2022

Johnson, Trudeau joke about going shirtless to threaten Putin with ‘our pecs’

Britain's Boris Johnson and Canada's Justin Trudeau, debating attire for a group photo, sought to intimidate Russia's Vladimir Putin in an unconventional way.

By Ashley Parker, Matt Viser and Jennifer HassanJune 26, 2022

The wild history of the Bavarian castle hosting this week’s G-7 summit

Schloss Elmau has been a Nazi vacation camp, a field hospital and a sanctuary for Holocaust survivors. Its backstory tracks closely with Germany’s tumultuous 20th-century history.

By Kate BradyJune 26, 2022

Embattled Scholz, hosting first major summit, tries to prove mettle

The chancellor's first six months have come at perhaps the most tumultuous time in Europe since World War II. And with it, criticism that he’s not up to the job.

By Loveday Morris, Rick Noack and Vanessa Guinan-BankJune 26, 2022

A Russian musician mounts a modest antiwar protest and pays the price

As Moscow makes examples of small-time activists, Alexandra Skochilenko faces 10 years in prison, bullying and abuse.

By Robyn DixonJune 26, 2022

Monkeypox cases surge as WHO stops short of declaring a global emergency

The World Health Organization said the monkeypox outbreak is an "evolving threat" but does not yet constitute an international public health emergency.

By Rachel Pannett and Annabelle TimsitJune 25, 2022

Russia will soon exhaust its combat capabilities, Western assessments predict

Small shifts in territorial control matter less than the overall balance of forces, which analysts say could shift back in favor of Ukraine in the coming months.

By Liz SlyJune 25, 2022

Two killed in attack on Oslo LGBTQ club; Norway raises terror alert

Oslo Pride canceled a parade planed for later Saturday on police advice, but people took to the streets with rainbow flags anyway.

By Victoria Bisset, Claire Parker and Amy ChengJune 25, 2022

U.S. abortion decision draws cheers, horror abroad

Others responded in support of the move. The Vatican said that the decision would challenge “the whole world."

By Adam Taylor, Erin Cunningham, Karina Tsui and Claire ParkerJune 25, 2022

Ukraine accuses Russia of launching missiles from Belarusian airspace

Ukrainian military intelligence said 12 missiles were fired from Russian Tu-22M3 bombers flying over Belarus, marking the first time that Belarusian airspace has been used for such an attack.

By Amy Cheng, Julian Duplain, David L. Stern and Robyn DixonJune 25, 2022