The prominent politician has sought the presidency three other times. The August vote is likely to be his last chance.

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Details emerge of mass abductions in a Nigerian city ravaged by Islamist extremists.

The demonstration united a range of opposition parties in a remarkable display of anger at President Jacob Zuma.

The respected political veteran’s ouster exposes the rifts undermining the ruling African National Congress party.

Violence and government restrictions have cut off those most in need of help.

He served 26 years in prison for his political activism and was a friend of Nelson Mandela.

It was unclear who carried out the attack along a growing migrant route from the war-ravaged country.

António Guterres faces famines, a refugee crisis and a skeptical Trump administration.

António Guterres pleads for aid for the country, one of four facing famine dangers.

Four countries are either in famine or near-famine conditions, with 20 million nearing starvation.

The crisis is “man-made,” with civil war destroying the nation’s agriculture, officials say.

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Kenya claims the Dadaab camp is a foothold for Islamist militants from Somalia.

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A refugee in a mud hut scours his cellphone for clues about U.S. policy and his future.

Resettlement agency fears some refugees are in such poor health they could die.

The new policy could result in less funding for other health services such as neonatal care.

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