Two freed protesters join others calling for civilian rule while recounting a system of torture and abuse.

Critics of the country’s media say a newly polarized press is making things worse.

Military leaders from Omar Hassan al-Bashir’s regime now seem locked in rival bids to exert power.

The second change in power in two days follows four months of street protests that ended Omar Hassan al-Bashir’s 30-year reign.

The president’s removal comes after the biggest peaceful demonstrations in a generation in the country.

Gen. Khalifa Hifter’s Western and Arab allies have not condemned his offensive, weakening international pressure to halt his military attack on Tripoli.

A ransom was paid by a tour operator. The kidnappers’ identities are unknown. 

The Tutsi ethnic group was the main target of the Hutu extremists who carried out the genocide, but members of a smaller group, the Twa, were killed in greater proportion. 

Boeing faces renewed international scrutiny as sequence of failures with the jet — technological and human — remain under investigation.

A Boeing-led review of a stall-prevention system suspected in the deadly crashes of two of the company’s new 737 Max jetliners has detected an additional software problem that the FAA has ordered fixed before the planes are cleared to fly again.

The announcement, which was reported by the state news agency, followed weeks of massive protests.

Gayle Smith says that a lot of what drives her work is focused on our common humanity.

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The pope used a visit to Morocco — a pathway for migrants trying to reach Europe — to again denounce hardening policies in the West.

The prime minister of Mali warns that the fall of the caliphate could jump-start the flow of extremists across the Sahel.

Just one forensically trained team is moving through rural areas where locals are burying the dead before they can be identified.

The United Nations has elevated its emergency level to be on par with war-torn Yemen.

The government postponed an important vote amid surging Islamist violence. 

Satellite images show a vast inland sea of more than 1,000 square miles stretching away from the port town of Beira.

Mudslides and massive flooding have slowed response Cyclone Idai’s devastation.

U.S. Africa Command denied the findings, saying it conducted post-strike analyses “using intelligence methods not available to non-military organizations.”

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