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Growing allegations of sexual abuse and exploitation by troops threaten to undermine crucial U.N. mission.

The area around Lake Turkana has been drying up, endangering the lives of its poor residents.

  • Abigail Higgins
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  • Jan 30
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An American was among those killed in the assault by a group affiliated with al-Qaeda, a news report says.

Burkina Faso and French forces on Saturday took back control of a luxury hotel frequented by foreigners and diplomats in Ouagadougou, the nation's capital, after armed attackers seized it Friday and killed at least 10 people.

The World Health Organization made its declaration 42 days after Liberia’s last case of Ebola was identified.

The U.N. mission in the Central African Republic has been accused of 22 such incidents in 14 months.

The government denies involvement but says many of the victims are connected to al-Shabab.

  • Ariel Zirulnick
  • ·
  • Jan 8
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Tranquil Somaliland pins its economic hopes on a port that would handle commerce for neighboring Ethiopia.

  • Paul Schemm
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  • Dec 27
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Although only a few dozen Somalis have joined so far, the ISIS campaign worries U.S. officials.

A Muslim man wonders whether he’ll survive in a Christian-dominated hospital. Then Pope Francis shows up.

Analysts are skeptical about whether the program can deter those fleeing war and dire poverty.

Rwanda’s Kagame is the latest leader on the continent seeking to remain in power after his established mandate.

The pope called for an end to the conflict, which has been fought mostly along religious lines.

The pontiff flew into an armed conflict pitting mostly Muslim fighters against Christian militia.

Despite assistance from Washington, Paris and elsewhere, the West African country remains fragile.

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