Niger is fighting to control a radical Islamist insurgency that has killed thousands.

The spreading disaster is threatening protected habitats and tourism in the Indian Ocean island nation. France and Japan have pledged help.

The MV Wakashio ran into a reef in Mauritius. Locals rushed to prevent widespread damage.

Mass anti-corruption protests were planned for Friday. Security forces were widely deployed.

Livestock dominates Somali exports, mostly going toward feeding pilgrims in Saudi Arabia.

The Ogiek say the government has promised to let them return to the Mau Forest. Officials say otherwise.

Among those detained are a prominent journalist and an activist who called for mass protests.

U.N. Secretary General António Guterres warned that “foreign interference” was “reaching unprecedented levels.”

The demonstrations come as the nation confronts a coronavirus outbreak, a failing economy and the world’s fastest-growing Islamist insurgency.

African communities that depend on tourism are considering a return to grazing, jeopardizing decades of wildlife conservation efforts across the continent’s vast grasslands.

Pandemic clampdowns hobble protests seeking greater police accountability.

The “Black Is King” trailer sparked a passionate debate about the portrayal of Africans and countries in Western media.

The West African country is offering discounted land to those who want to escape racism.

The violence further threatened Ethiopia’s transition to multiparty democracy.

Belgian Black Lives Matter activists have called for Belgium to reckon with its colonial history.

From migration to trade, the disruption created by covid-19 is erasing decades of economic gains achieved through globalization.

Illness and burnout threaten to exacerbate a growing problem.

Conflict, corruption and simultaneous outbreaks of other diseases complicated the response.

Death at the hands of Kenyan police or in their custody happens at a far greater rate than in any other African country, human rights groups say.

Eunice Erika Nderitu’s hospital in Kenya required a positive coronavirus test before admitting her. The wait nearly killed her.

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