The extremist threat shows no sign of slowing down.

He helped lead the country to independence and served for 27 years as its first president.

"The 2021 G7 will go down in history as another turning point where history failed to turn."

The coronavirus hasn’t swept through Kenya as it has other parts of the world. The government has done little to prepare for the possibility of a major surge.

Domestic pressure to draw down Operation Barkhane has risen for months.

People in Africa’s most populous country are blasting what they call a threat to free speech.

The world invested heavily in coronavirus vaccines. Scientists say other diseases deserve the same attention.

The move comes two days after Twitter said President Muhammadu Buhari violated its rules.

Germany’s government acknowledged that it committed genocide during its colonial occupation of what is now Namibia and promised more than $1 billion in development projects in communities descended from victims.

Elections in Somalia are seen as key to cementing the stability of a government in Mogadishu that has only recently taken root after more than three decades of civil warfare.

Thursday’s speech by the French leader could mark a watershed moment in relations between the two countries.

Former interim president Bah N'Daw and prime minister Moctar Ouane returned home overnight after mutinous soldiers arrested them.

After experiencing a literary awakening during Peace Corps service in Nigeria, he helped found the academic study of African literature in the United States.

Col. Assimi Goïta said he deposed the two leaders Tuesday after they established a new government without his input.

The detentions followed a controversial cabinet reshuffle that removed two members of the junta that overthrew Mali’s government in August.

The volcano in central Africa devastated the city of Goma in 2002, leaving by some counts hundreds dead and more than 100,000 homeless.

Mount Nyiragongo unleashed lava that destroyed homes on the outskirts of Goma, but witnesses said Sunday that the city of 2 million had been mostly spared after the volcano erupted at night and sent thousands fleeing in panic. Authorities said at least five people had died in a road crash while trying to leave Goma, but cautioned it was too early to give a death toll in the hardest-hit communities. More than 500 homes had been destroyed, according to Constant Ndima, military governor for the affected region.

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An internal report by Nigeria’s intelligence agency said Shekau detonated explosives that killed him Wednesday when rival fighters tried to capture him.

After considering a boycott to protest racial injustice, he set a world record and anchored a record-setting relay team.

Health officials say the goal is to reassure citizens that they are not receiving expired doses.

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