Human rights activists alleged that torture was used to extract confessions.

In the latest sign of the Sissi government’s growing repression, security officials denied entry to David D. Kirkpatrick, a former Times Cairo bureau chief.

The postponement comes amid reports that voting materials have not been delivered to all parts of the country.

The African nation is a key U.S. security partner, and about 300 U.S. troops are based there to train and assist the Cameroonian military.

Violence spurred by the linguistic split has brought the Central African country to the brink of civil war.

How hope melted into chaos, disbelief, and finally acceptance of Congo’s new president.

Once hailed as a hero, Zimbabwe’s president has unleashed house-to-house searches, filling the prisons.

Another candidate, Martin Fayulu, defied the court and declared himself president

The ongoing protests against President Bashir are stronger than ever because of a new sense of national solidarity.

The A.U. expressed “serious doubts” over the election, called for delaying the release of final results and urgently sent a delegation to Kinshasa.

The U.S. air assault on al-Shabab has expanded in the past year under Trump. Some call it whack-a-mole, with airstrikes killing some and radicalizing others.

The terror has scarred the upscale hotel and corporate offices, and the resilient, fast-paced city of which they are a part.

One American was killed in the attack, the U.S. State Department confirmed.

An observer mission run by the nation’s Catholic Church has also disputed official results.

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Opposition candidate Felix Tshisekedi’s victory defied indications by polls and observers.

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