Yahya Jammeh lost an election last month, and West African nations have said they will oust him by force if he clings to power.

Yahya Jammeh’s term has officially ended, but he has appeared unwilling to cede power.

Militiamen were set to begin joint patrols with the army, a key part of nation’s elusive peace deal.

The area was a refuge for people fleeing Boko Haram militants.

Officers are sent home after abuse allegations, raising questions about the vetting process for those who serve in missions overseen by the United Nations.

Many Ethiopians are angry that the government hasn’t delivered promised reforms.

Demonstrations across the capital were met with a massive deployment of security forces.

Demonstrators are angry that the president will stay on beyond the official end of his term.

It was supposed to be the president’s last day in office. Instead, it could be a bloody day as Joseph Kabila clings to power.

The United Nations was slow to realize how the country’s conflict would explode, researchers say.

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  • Dec 17
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The nation has been riveted by public testimony that is exposing the abuses of past governments.

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  • Dec 15
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Flight 804 from Paris plunged into the Mediterranean in May, killing all 66 people aboard.

Many thought Yahya Jammeh would be a dictator for life, but he was beaten by an opponent with little political experience.

Merera Gudina spoke out earlier this month in Brussels against the campaign of arrests in Ethiopia.

Homosexual men are being cut off from HIV medication, testing and condom distribution.

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