The nation’s crisis deepens ahead of a contentious vote on constitutional changes.

The opposition calls for a 24-hour general strike Thursday over his plans to rewrite the constitution.

Luiz Inácio Lula da Silva was sentenced to nine years in prison but is expected to appeal.

  • Marina Lopes
  • ·
  • Jul 12
  • ·

Advocates say U.S. border agents have been emboldened by anti-immigrant rhetoric.

The minimum wage is often increased, but the gain is quickly eaten away by inflation.

  • Rachelle Krygier
  • ·
  • Jul 10
  • ·

López, the nation’s most important political prisoner, is given house arrest.

Federal police describe the move as bureaucratic reshuffling, but critics see it as an attempt to undermine the probe.

  • Marina Lopes
  • ·
  • Jul 8
  • ·

John F. Kelly defended policies including one targeting people who pay to have their children smuggled into the United States.

The South American country seems determined to make legal weed as boring as possible. 

As pro-Maduro assailants stormed the building, they apparently faced little or no resistance from security guards.

The shootout in Chihuahua comes amid rising violence nationwide.

Some suspect the brazen swoop over the Supreme Court building was cooked up by the government as a pretext for more crackdowns.

Thousands of protesters have been arrested recently, and many allege mistreatment.

As firms implode, many of those hit by mass layoffs are having trouble finding new jobs.

Supporters of the late president are turning against his successor, Nicolás Maduro.

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