Spanish papers said Juan Carlos, 82, was in the Dominican Republic. But the Dominican foreign minister said he hadn't entered the country.

"Life-threatening flooding" from both rain and an ocean surge is possible from the Southeast to New England.

The war between the Santa Rosa de Lima and Jalisco New Generation cartels has made Guanajuato one of Mexico’s deadliest states.

Storm forecast to restrengthen to hurricane Saturday night. Chance of Florida landfall increases.

According to a report in O Globo, Brazil’s largest newspaper, Ambassador Todd Chapman asked Brazil’s government to lower ethanol tariffs to help Trump in Iowa.

The case touched on issues of identity and one of the most recognizable symbols of Jamaica’s Rastafarian heritage.

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Long viewed as part of a national identity, the sport is attempting to stage a postseason in the safest place it could find.

Canada’s ethics watchdog is investigating the prime minister again.

The earliest 9th named storm on record, warnings stretch from the Virgin Islands to the central Bahamas.

As some borders remain closed off to U.S. travelers, Americans find their passports don't boast the level of mobility that they used to.

"The image of the U.S. began the new decade in a weaker position globally than at most points in the previous two presidential administrations."

There is a high chance that Isaias will form in the coming days.

Digital nomads don’t have many options during the pandemic, but a few nations are welcoming working travelers.

The west coast city has become ground zero of a new phase in the U.S.’s summer of discontent, with scenes that mirror Hong Kong's protests.

FARC dissidents, the National Liberation Army and others are taking advantage of a faltering peace process and a preoccupied government.

Tens of thousands of Guatemalan laborers have enabled one Florida construction boom after another. Asked to work through the pandemic, they’re now among the hardest-hit communities in the hard-hit state.

“We have faith in the strength of the perimeter of our bubble,” deputy commissioner Bill Daly said.

Several of the cetacean species are spending more time in northern latitudes, less in the Gulf of Maine.

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A tornado reportedly touched down just outside of the city.

John Hryniuk documented the people of Toronto as the city transformed during the coronavirus pandemic.

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