The move comes after OAS voted to convene an emergency meeting to discuss the humanitarian crisis and political violence in Venezuela.

Soldiers have backed Maduro, but protests are surging and the economy is tanking.

As the president’s opponents join the protests, his supporters also are taking to the streets.

Frustration with corruption and authoritarian rule is driving street protests and voter anger. 

The allegations could paralyze the government and derail the economic recovery.

  • Marina Lopes
  • ·
  • Apr 12
  • ·

The government has jailed leading critics, but public anger at President Nicolás Maduro is surging.

Russia is increasing its military and economic aid, and some Americans are worried.

Security forces use tear gas to disperse what appeared to be the largest of the recent demonstrations.

Lenín Moreno claimed victory, but with opponents alleging fraud, he will have a lot of healing to do.

Right-wing challenger refuses to accept results, demands recount as supporters allege fraud.

The latest court ruling replaces a previous decision that appeared to completely neuter the National Assembly.

One of the two presidential candidates has vowed to evict the WikiLeaks founder from the country’s embassy in London.

The supreme court, stacked with the president’s loyalists, rules against parliament.

Candidates to lead Canada’s Conservative Party advocate drastic steps to stem the flow.

  • Alan Freeman
  • ·
  • Mar 30
  • ·

Tensions over NAFTA and the border could hurt efforts to fight drugs and terrorism, officials fear.

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