In the United States and abroad, experts link the rise of extreme conspiratorial thinking to a broader atmosphere of political polarization, the insulating algorithms of social media and the relative success of demagogic, nationalist politicians.

Critics see a rush judgment; Vizcarra remains popular despite the country’s pandemic performance.

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Small, isolated towns, cut off by the pandemic, are asking authorities to declare border bubbles.

As the country struggles with the coronavirus, the president delivered the traditional Cry of Dolores to an uncharacteristically empty, echoing plaza.

A fact-finding panel on the authoritarian socialist state concluded Nicolás Maduro and his inner circle ordered arbitrary detentions, torture, disappearances and killings.

“The time has come to fully leave our colonial past behind,” the island nation’s governor general said.

Two new polls show a decline in the country’s global reputation and deep American support for a return to robust diplomacy.

Authorities said the U.S. citizen was caught with heavy weapons, a satellite phone and cash.

Oregon residents struggle to find shelter away from wildfires and dense smoke. Why a Black autistic man is serving 10 years in prison for a car crash. And U.S. Open winner Naomi Osaka sends a strong message with her masks.

The United States has lowered its travel warning to "reconsider travel to Mexico due to covid-19.”

As López Obrador insists on paying Mexico’s water debt under a 1944 treaty, farmers fear for their crops.

Beset by limited resources, inequality and uneven health care, the region is home to five of the 10 countries hit hardest by the coronavirus.

Paulette could strike Bermuda as a hurricane, as the National Hurricane Center monitors six systems in the Atlantic.

Turnout was low for events to honor health-care workers, seen as a risky gambit for a divided opposition.

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At least seven people died and hundreds were injured amid violent demonstrations in Colombia beginning Wednesday.

The oceans are blistering with activity, raising concern for eventual land impacts

The organization blamed the coronavirus pandemic and the political turmoil for a loss of sponsors.

A look at the Caribbean’s border closures and travel restrictions for tourists from the United States.

Struggles over identity confront descendants of those who immigrated to South America and then returned.

Fernando de Noronha is gradually reopening to tourism, but only to those who can certify they have been infected with the virus and recovered.

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