LGBTQ rights activists welcomed Canada's ban as France moved to also outlaw the practice.

A document unearthed in the German Federal Archive appears to contradict Kast’s narrative of his father’s World War II activity.

Emerging data from myriad nations is fueling fears that pandemic-era learning deficits will be a new engine for deepening inequality, both among and within countries.

The Biden administration imposed sanctions on two Salvadoran officials for allegedly offering privileges to gangs in exchange for a reduction in homicides and political support.

Migrant shelters in Ciudad Juárez, Mexico, are told to expect 30 to 35 MPP enrollees a day.

"Freda," about the everyday struggles of a Haitian woman and her circle, is "fresh air in a dire period."

The vote comes two weeks before Chileans vote in the country’s most polarized presidential election in decades.

Medicago said it would file the adjuvanted plant-based coronavirus vaccine for regulatory approval with Health Canada, the FDA and others.

The notorious gang 400 Mawozo abducted 16 Americans and one Canadian outside Port-au-Prince in October. Haiti is suffering a surge in kidnappings.

Authorities seized more than 230 tarantula spiders, dozens of cockroaches and a scorpion with newborns that a pair of foreigners were trying to smuggle out of Colombia en route to Germany, officials said.

Miami’s massive art show marks a post-coronavirus coming out party for the global mega-rich in a city that offers a glimpse into post-pandemic inequality.

Literary critic Edmund Wilson, an early champion, called her “a writer in a class by herself.”

Governments are preparing to re-implement the program starting next week.

Scores of record highs were set Wednesday in the western half of the U.S. and Canada and dozens more are predicted Thursday.

The United States Supreme Court made abortion legal in 1973. But over the last few decades, access to the procedure has increasingly declined in more than a dozen states that have since passed laws making it more difficult for people to get an abortion. Meanwhile, countries around the world have made it easier to get an abortion legally.

Police violence against women in Argentina leaves families grieving and women asking who will protect them.

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As the United States eyes the potential collapse of Roe v. Wade, Paraguay’s laws reflect the influence of religious and conservative political factions.

El Salvador is one of the few countries in Latin America that penalizes abortion under any circumstance.

To the surprise of some, Jair Bolsonaro, the same welfare critic who once suggested that one cure for poverty was birth control has also sought to reinvent himself as something of a fiscal Robin Hood, taking from Brazil’s public coffers to give to the poor.

Xiomara Castro's main rival conceded the race Tuesday, two days after the vote. Castro is the wife of former president Manuel Zelaya, who was ousted by the military in 2009.

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