Southern right whale moms may look for quiet place to raise babies

The endangered whales swim several thousand miles to shallow waters where sounds don’t travel far.

By Lela NargiJuly 4, 2022

USWNT heads to Mexico for qualification quest — and revenge

At the Concacaf W Championship, the top-ranked Americans should quickly pick up a World Cup berth but will face a greater test securing an Olympic slot.

By Steven GoffJuly 3, 2022

How green became the color of abortion rights

Activists have worn the color for nearly two decades — but its roots go further back.

By Samantha SchmidtJuly 3, 2022

Barriers to abortion in Canada make it an unlikely haven for Americans

The government said the country will not turn away Americans, but it is not so simple.

By Amanda ColettaJuly 3, 2022

A 10-year-old rape victim sought an abortion. A judge urged: Stay pregnant.

The procedure is legal in Brazil only in cases of rape, incest or severe abnormality. But critics say even women with a permissible reason face resistance.

By Marina LopesJuly 2, 2022

Rare clouds that glow in the dark are the most vibrant in 15 years

Sky watchers in Oregon, Washington, England and Canada have spotted "noctilucent clouds," the rarest on Earth

By Kasha PatelJuly 1, 2022

Ex-leader of Mexico’s search for disappeared convicted in DNA scandal

A judge said Roberto Cabrera helped a firm that “merchandized the suffering of families” searching for loved ones. He was sentenced to three years in prison.

By Mary Beth SheridanJuly 1, 2022

Tropical Storm Bonnie forms on path toward Nicaragua and Costa Rica

A separate tropical rainstorm is drenching parts of the upper Texas coast and southwest Louisiana.

By Jason SamenowJuly 1, 2022

Migrant smuggler didn’t realize trailer’s AC unit failed, complaint says

Homero Zamorano, Jr., 45, appeared in federal court in San Antonio Thursday for the first time since the grisly discovery of the bodies.

By Arelis R. Hernández, Nick Miroff and Maria SacchettiJuly 1, 2022

Supreme Court clears Biden to end Trump’s ‘Remain in Mexico’ policy

The vote was 5 to 4, with Chief Justice John Roberts writing the majority opinion for himself, Justice Brett Kavanaugh and the court’s three liberals.

By Robert BarnesJune 30, 2022

Texas migrant tragedy brings grief to families back home

The migrants traveled from Mexico and Central America in search of better lives. Fifty-three have been found dead in the back of a truck in San Antonio.

By Kevin Sieff, Paulina Villegas and Arelis R. HernándezJune 30, 2022

Potential tropical storm Bonnie could hop from Atlantic to Pacific

Costa Rica and Nicaragua are in the crosshairs, while another system in the Gulf will bring heavy rain to Texas.

By Matthew CappucciJune 30, 2022

Think U.S. gas prices are high? Here’s how far $40 goes around the world.

Ahead of 4th of July weekend, reporters for The Washington Post spoke to people around the world to see how high fuel costs are affecting their lives.

By Alexa Juliana Ard, Ruby Mellen, Steven Rich and Júlia LedurJune 30, 2022

Did Putin inadvertently create a stronger NATO?

After NATO leaders formally decided to invite Sweden and Finland to join the bloc, Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg said Vladimir Putin “wanted less NATO,” and now he’s “getting more NATO on his borders.”

By Adam TaylorJune 30, 2022

Those 300,000 high-readiness NATO troops? ‘Concept,’ not reality.

Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg’s announcement this week caught the top defense officials of many NATO members off guard, leading them to question which of their forces, if any, were being included.

By Michael Birnbaum and Emily RauhalaJune 29, 2022

Sponsors put Hockey Canada on ice in wake of sexual assault lawsuit

Fast-food chain Tim Hortons was among the companies to pause their endorsements ahead of the world juniors in fallout from a sexual assault lawsuit settled by Hockey Canada.

By Glynn A. HillJune 29, 2022

Hints of a derecho-climate change link, ten years after 2012 storm

Reports of damaging winds from the violent, fast-moving storms have surged since the devastating 2012 Mid-Atlantic event.

By Jacob Feuerstein and Jason SamenowJune 29, 2022

Potential tropical storm could douse northern South America and Aruba

A second tropical rainstorm could bring localized flooding to southeast Texas this weekend

By Matthew CappucciJune 29, 2022

A grisly tragedy shows there are no ‘open borders’ for migrants

For the Republican establishment, let alone its more extremist wing, any discussion of more humane policies at the border or the inefficacy and waste of spending billions of dollars on things like a wall is tantamount to an “open borders mentality.”

By Ishaan TharoorJune 29, 2022

Deaths of 53 migrants in Texas stoke grief, fears of a deadly summer

The number of migrants dead in a suspected smuggling operation rose to 53 Wednesday, two days after dozens of bodies were found lifeless in the back of a sweltering tractor-trailer in San Antonio.

By Eva Ruth Moravec, Arelis R. Hernández, Nick Miroff and Maria SacchettiJune 28, 2022