The Andean nation has lifted people out of poverty at a faster rate than any other country in South America.

“We have been treated like criminals here, stripped of our rights, and lied to,” Eileen Connors wrote in a sworn statement. “It is undoubtedly the worst experience we have ever lived through.”

At least one person is dead and others are missing after the building in Fortaleza came down.

It was the deadliest attack on government security forces in recent years.

Demonstrators from across society are demanding the resignation of President Jovenel Moïse in the longest sustained protest of his term.

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President Lenín Moreno agreed to reinstate popular fuel subsidies; indigenous protest leaders agreed to end the demonstrations that paralyzed the country.

From Ecuador to Honduras to Haiti to Peru, the region has been hit by a wave of unrest.

Demonstrations against President Lenín Moreno’s austerity measures have paralyzed the South American nation.

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Alaa Alsoufi had attended an anti-fascist protest outside a fundraiser for Maxime Bernier, a far-right Canadian politician.

A mayor in Mexico was dragged through the streets by citizens angered that he didn't fulfill his campaign promise. He's not the first mayor to be attacked in the city.

Indigenous groups and young people are joining the demonstrations against Moreno’s austerity measures.

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In one corner of the rainforest, the Alliance Brigade is attacking the flames and teaching ranchers how to help.

Arrests at the southern U.S. border continued to decline in September, according to the latest U.S. Customs and Border Protection data.

A Florida-based rescue organization found the emaciated puppy while searching in the Bahamas for stranded animals.

As the Amazon rainforest in Brazil burns, it seems as if everyone is in search of someone to blame. Well over 100,000 fires have been detected this year, but who or what is responsible?

The three-week meeting of bishops beginning Sunday is another point of friction between Pope Francis and his conservative critics.

Canadian Conservative leader Andrew Scheer is facing criticism for his failure to disclose he's a U.S. dual citizen. Many others have faced a similar problem.

A growing push for more abortion rights is taking Latin America by storm.

Nepal is one of several countries experiencing their worst-ever outbreaks this year.

The impeachment saga convulsing Washington — where an embattled leader is calling into question the very legitimacy of those opponents challenging his conduct — is mirrored elsewhere.

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